Give creation love

In ancient China, Lao Tzu once wrote: “Spoken words can build confidence. Good thinking can produce profound. Good dedication can create love.”

I have always believed that giving will create a cycle of happiness, fulfillment and love in life. I learned that if a person wants to experience more happiness, he needs to give others happiness. If you want more encouragement, learn to provide encouragement to others. If you need inspiration, please be the inspiration for the people you meet. These are God’s most precious gifts to mankind, and anyone can give and receive to create love.

Recently, I stumbled upon an online video about India’s beloved hero Narayanaan Krishnan. He is an award-winning chef at the Taj Mahal Hotel in Bangalore and was selected for an elite position in Switzerland.

In 2002, he witnessed a heartbreaking scene in his hometown, decided to resign and began to provide food for the poor, the homeless and the mentally handicapped.

The scene that changed his life was when he saw a very old man eating his own human waste from hunger. Krishnan went to a nearby hotel to buy some food for the elderly. He recalled that he had never seen such a fast diet. When the old man ate, his eyes were filled with tears of happiness and deep appreciation.

That particular experience was a defining moment for Krishnan. At that moment, he decided to help this person and those in need live a happy life, and provide him with happiness and meaning in life that he had not experienced until that moment.

Krishnan said: “What is the ultimate purpose of life?” “This is giving. Start giving. See the joy of giving.” What a wise statement. There is no doubt that he has found the true realization and true meaning of happiness, which stems from his passion for giving misfortune.

I firmly believe that each of us has a goal. God has given us many gifts, skills and abilities. Each of us has our own unique product. We just need to find what we like to do and build our goals around it, the purpose is to serve others.

In the past, I was scared, I didn’t dare to take risks or do different things. I felt unworthy and listened to the opinions of some critics. These comments made me have to proceed with caution. It took me many years to decide to call out those destructive negative voices and make myself truly lead an extraordinary life.

I am a person who rarely speaks, but I know that God has given me the gift of listening. This is a great gift and very helpful to me. The benefits of listening are huge. By listening to others, I respect them. Listen to build relationships. It can help me to connect with others and build deeper relationships.

Leadership expert John Maxwell pointed out: “Everyone needs someone who he thinks can really listen to him. If you become that important listener, you can help that person.” By becoming an active listener, you Can meet the demand.

You also have your own things to buy to the world. We have a responsibility to make our gifts work. You can offer smiling gifts, generous gifts, gifts for playing a musical instrument, singing, painting, baking gifts for others, sharing your personal story to spark the interest of others or just be a good listener. The possibilities for contact with others you can do are limitless.

The philosopher William Penn spoke of kindness and dedication so beautifully: “I want to experience it in a lifetime, but only once. Now, don’t delay or ignore it, because I won’t do it again.”



Manali Cottages provide convenience and comfort for your stay

Manali is one of the most beautiful mountain cities in India. The town has lush green valleys, clearings and mountain peaks, it is almost impossible to die. Indeed, this is a peaceful environment that can make any holiday enjoyable. Attractions that attract tourists to the town include Buddhist temples and Indian temples, and its architectural works are very charming. Among these amazing temples are Manu Temple, Hadimba, Maa Shawari, Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa and Aljun Ancient Temple.

In addition to the beautiful temples, there are other attractions near Manali. I would definitely recommend you to enjoy the view in the Solang Valley a few kilometers away. It offers many things, including exciting activities such as horse riding, paragliding, parachuting and zorbing. Rohtang Pass is also near Manali, which separates the Kullu valley from Lahaul Spiti. In Manali, everything is okay, you can enjoy coaxial cable hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

The accommodation here is simply comfortable. There are many options, but I like the cottage here. This is because they provide some of the best facilities for people who want to enjoy the beautiful natural environment of Manali like me. With their balcony and backyard, it has always been easy for me to enjoy and appreciate this beautiful magical town. For those who wish to try other types of accommodation besides my favorite cottage, this small mountain town offers homestays, holiday homes and other holiday homes to suit personal preferences.


The huts in Manali are different in size. I liked the 2-bedroom cottage when I was here, but I can also find huge cottages with up to 8 bedrooms. The good thing about the villas is that they are offered at very competitive prices, so every time I choose to stay in the mountain town, I can easily find what I can afford. Some of the most popular villas worth checking out at this location are the 5-bedroom Gaur Sona cottage, the 12-bedroom 6th Element cottage and the charming Country Cottage. I noticed that the cottages here are fully furnished, equipped with modern facilities, and spacious to make the stay as comfortable and comfortable as possible. The other farmhouse in Manali worth mentioning is Matrichhaya. Rashpa, Apuna, Sunrise Lodge, Sylvan and Ankoram Lodge.

In addition to being able to choose a villa based on the beauty or facilities it provides, I find it interesting that you can choose a villa based on the locations one is interested in exploring in Manali. For example, there are many scenic cottages near the Central Bus Terminal, Shulu, Gadney and Kanyal Road. I find it very convenient to live in a cabin, which allows me to easily travel to the sights and attractions I am interested in, so paying attention to the location does not narrow my search for the best places. Manali villas are very beautiful and comfortable, so they can make you the most unforgettable memories.



The importance of landmarks

The establishment of some structures can not only achieve the purpose, but also leave a deep impression on people. Some of them are so iconic that they can be easily identified by their outline alone. For example, the Sydney Opera House, the Eiffel Tower and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Of course, some people play the second violin. They may not be as famous as their iconic similar products, but they have also begun to impress in their respective positions. In Australia, some examples include Q1 or Queensland First, The Oracle and Circle on Cavill.

It is important for any country, state, town or city to have its own landmark. A landmark is usually associated with its erection location and can become one of its largest tourist attractions. Here are some reasons why landmarks are important:

A source of pride-having a landmark building always makes the community proud. It is usually the reason for maintaining and stimulating social, cultural and economic activities. It revitalizes employees and in some way motivates and motivates them to do things for the community. Landmarks usually have a long history, so these landmarks can tell a good story for children and tourists.

The development of tourism-tourism is one of the largest income-generating companies anywhere. For some cities, tourism is actually the largest source of income. Landmarks have always played an important role in attracting tourists. Sometimes, landmarks are even the only reason for some people to pack their luggage and visit the place. They spend their hard-earned money just to get close to or even touch a historical landmark. This is a place where many people take photos.

Value-Landmarks not only make the city more popular, but also increase the value of surrounding buildings and buildings. The attribute value around the landmark increases as a result. The real estate around the area has appreciated even more. This is why properties around important landmarks are usually expensive, which makes their resale value also high.

Landmarks are the soul of any place. Without it, a city tour would not be too interesting. They may be ancient structures or modern buildings, or even statues, where they leave a deep impression, education and inspiration. It is important for any city to take care of its landmarks to protect the past so that future generations can still see it.



Accommodation-get the right information

Whenever I talk to people from overseas, it always surprises me because they are in the places I have seen in my own backyard. When you are on vacation, you always plan to see things you can’t see in your hometown. But after hearing many people tell me about the wonders of my town that I didn’t even know, I became jealous.

I think this is why accommodation vacations have become a popular way of vacationing. Holidays are holidays that people spend at home. You can camp in the backyard, or stay in a nearby hotel for a night or two, and then play with tourists in the town.

If you don’t know what happened, please skip to your local information or visitor center and ask. You will be surprised by the great things that happen under your nose. Enjoy wine and dinner in a restaurant you always dare not enter. Go to the local theater to watch a play, and you may end up seeing the next Al Pacino or Meryl Streep. Visit the local museum to find interesting information about how your town was founded and its history. Find a niche art gallery and see the work of emerging artists. Or, if they are not your business, you can go to theme parks or snow on mountain trails and become adventurous tourists. Remember to relax on the beach or in the hotel’s swimming pool for a day or two. You will be surprised and proud of the services your town provides.



Riu Ocho Rios: Jamaica all-inclusive vacation package

Riu Ocho Rios is the newest all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. If you are a traveler enjoying modern facilities, fresh architecture and landscapes, then it is a great choice for all-inclusive vacation packages in Jamaica. Riu Ocho Rios is an amazing hotel with 846 rooms and a large number of accommodations. Guests can enjoy the activities of Xixi during the holidays.

Jamaica All Inclusive Resorts

Riu Ocho Rios is located on a beautiful strip of Jamaican beaches. The area is famous for its beautiful rainforests and waterfalls. There are white sand beaches along the hotel and the ocean, and lush Jamaican greenery creates a paradise-like scenery of the resort. The 371 suites of Riu Ocho Rios are marked as “exclusive luxury rooms” and provide hydromassage baths or jacuzzis in the rooms.

Jamaican wedding

Riu Hotels describes Ocho Rios as an ideal choice for weddings or honeymoons, thanks to its spacious meeting facilities, exquisite dining venues and magnificent sea views.

Things to Do in Riu Ocho Rios

For those who love nature or vacationers who just want to enjoy some tropical scenery while relaxing, Riu Ocho Rios offers several amazing natural attractions within 5 miles of the resort.

Chuka Bay: This beautiful farm and stable provides horseback riding suitable for beginners and professional riders. They also provide some extraordinary mountain bikes, traversing the beautiful Jamaican hills, to the white sand and sea.

Cranbrook Flower Forest: This is a very beautiful park, very suitable for picnics or hiking on the Laclands River, it rises to a beautiful waterfall point.

Dolphin Bay: This natural dolphin bay allows vacationers to swim with dolphins and other aquatic life, while exotic birds and lizards roam in the rainforest surrounding the water.

Dunn’s river and waterfall: For tourists, this waterfall network can be climbed through guided tours. Get ready to get wet!

Water sports in Riu Ocho Rios

There are plenty of cold water activities on or near the hotel grounds. Some popular scuba diving includes Wreck diving in Katryn, 50-foot diving to a sunken 150-foot minesweeper and Jack’s drag, 40-foot diving and a large number of coral reefs. There are also many fishing and sailing options around the resort.

Nightlife in Riu Ocho Rios

Most late night clubs are held in actual resorts, but the cool area of ​​James Street is also known as the Reggae Strip. The zone offers many cool eclectic restaurants and clubs, including the popular nightclub “Jamaic’n Me Crazy”.

Dining at Riu Ocho Rios

There are a total of 13 bars and restaurants in the resort, which can meet the all-weather needs of travelers. From Rastafarian’s pool bar to Sir Richard’s à la carte gourmet restaurant, everything prepares delicacies and world cuisine for travelers. There are many high-end dining options, but the sports bar, Reggae pool bar and outdoor beach restaurant also provide guests with a casual dining atmosphere.



Cruise from Vancouver to Alaska? Three secrets you must know

1. Arrive in Vancouver at least one day before the cruise. Of course, I may be slightly biased, but Vancouver will be one of your preferred ports of call on this voyage. Therefore, I often see the cruiser arrive in Vancouver on the day the cruiser departs, completely missing this beautiful city. In addition, if everything does not go according to plan, then the stress level of taking the boat on time will not be able to start your vacation. All it needs is a missed airplane connection, mechanical difficulties, border issues or bad weather, and your entire vacation may be ruined. Believe me, if you are late, the ship will not wait for you in Vancouver, and you will be solely responsible for arriving at the ship on time. Not only that, the tides and currents sailing from Vancouver make it necessary to leave on time in many cases, or risk being locked in the port for several hours until it can leave safely again. Vancouver has many incredible travel and sightseeing options, and if you can spend some time, it is definitely worth it. The same is true for your departure day-why end a perfect cruise vacation and emphasize whether you will leave the ship in time to make this ridiculous return home early?

2. Board the ship. There are several ways to do this, depending on whether you completely ignore the first tip and try to board the boat directly, or whether you want to go directly to the hotel. 2015 is the first season in a long time, only Canada Place will be used for boat trips, thank God for that! Those of you who have sailed on the “other” pier called the “Balanthan Pier” in the past will certainly agree with me, to say the least this is a disappointing start. Ballantyne Pier (Ballantyne Pier) is poorly located, outside the core of the city, and far from most hotels in the city. Fortunately for you, it is almost certain that Canada Place will be your destination this year. The cruise terminal is located in Canada Place, close to many hotels, taxis and Canada Line. Vancouver’s fully automated rapid transit train line. Some cruise companies provide bus transfers to ships or hotels, but my suggestion is to do mathematical calculations first. Tipping a taxi from Vancouver Airport to Canada Place is an additional 15%, it will cost you about 35 to 45 US dollars in Canadian dollars, and it takes about 30 minutes. Most buses purchased on board will cost you about the same amount per person, so unless you travel alone, they may not be the best option. If you don’t mind dragging all your luggage for a few blocks, the Canadian line train costs less than $10 per person, and it takes about 30 minutes to get to the terminal-if you have a backpack, it’s not bad, but I’d suggest not to do this with luggage. After getting off the bus, you must walk to the ship, which is a ten-minute journey from the train to the ship’s consignment point. My first choice is to arrange a cruise or private car to pick you up to your hotel. There are plenty of travel and luxury rides online or at the airport, and you should make arrangements before boarding the plane. A private car or limousine will usually bring you about 60 to 80 Canadian dollars in premium. If you want to check in early, please note that the check-in time of most hotels is between 3pm and 4pm, but any good hotel will try to provide you with accommodation, or at least provide you with luggage storage upon arrival, until you are ready So far as the room is good.

3. When is the best time to arrive at the ship? Well, if you like to sit around, line up or wait for immigration, then do the first thing in the morning. If you are like me and you are willing to spend a day in Vancouver playing or sleeping for a while, you should carefully consider when you arrive at the cruise terminal in Canada Place to embark. The time required from arrival at the dock to disembarkation varies from 20 minutes to 4 hours, depending on your arrival time and how many ships there are in the port. Keep in mind that this ship is likely to drop thousands of guests who have just completed the voyage. Usually, it takes at least 10 o’clock in the morning to clean up passengers who disembarked, and it takes another hour before they can allow newly arrived passengers to start check-in procedures. If your first port of call is a Canadian port, such as Victoria or Prince Rupert, you may be spared the US Immigration Service at the Canada Place terminal. However, if your cruise ship is like most cruise ships in Alaska, and your first port is in Alaska, you are likely to pass the US immigration inspection before the ship inspection in Canada Place, which is why you need to have a passport The reason is convenient. The process usually runs in this order. Baggage check, security check, US immigration processing, cruise check-in, and then you have been waiting all the time to board! Even if you are the first person on the boat at 11 am, most of your boat (including VIP rooms) will be unavailable until your crew finishes cleaning and prepares everything for you, until around 1 pm. This means that you will sit or stand in a row two to three hours before boarding, and then board the plane. If it is before 1 pm, you will be forced to wait in a public area. Take your carry-on luggage with you until they announce that your room is ready to pass the PA on board. My suggestion is to enjoy Vancouver and show up in the late afternoon for check-in instead of trying to arrive at Canada Place at 9 AM so you can stand with 2,000 other guests. Having said that, please make sure that you check the sailing time and do not leave it at the last minute. You should arrive at the terminal at least 90 minutes before the departure time at the latest, as the boarding process is usually closed at least one hour before the departure time.

So this is one of the many tricks of this year’s Alaska cruise season. Next time I will tell you about your expectations on the first day of boarding, please don’t miss it, from how to upgrade the room to what you need to do on the first day of the cruise, and you can wait until the second day. Before that, thank you for reading and a safe journey!



Swine flu-can you catch it from hotel bedding?

How many times have you stayed in a hotel, you are confused about the hygiene and cleanliness of the bedding. Never sleep on a clean bed, what can you actually get? What if I change the sheets, pillows, bedspreads or blankets?

Hepatitis A virus can survive outside the body for several months. HAV can survive certain acids and certain heat, and survive in dry feces. Other hepatitis viruses (such as HBV and HCV) can survive 16 hours to a week.

Since 2005, researchers have known that “super bacteria” such as C.Difficille, which are mainly found in hospitals, can survive on bedding for several weeks and can even resist bleaching. Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a relatively common bacteria found on the skin and nose of healthy people and animals. MRSA caused outbreaks in schools and gyms and was spread through contact with towels.

If the bedding is not replaced or cleaned properly, bacteria and viruses may be spread. It is not common to get the virus from hotel bedding, but it can happen, especially when you talk about upholstered headboards, stitched bedspreads and pillows, they can retain enough moisture so that the virus can survive long enough. infection. On the other hand, bacteria are a more difficult life. If a guest deposits enough bacteria on the headboard or pillow before you are infected by the bacteria, you are likely to be infected.

The mold that causes respiratory and skin problems (such as eczema) is almost indestructible and can live almost anywhere. According to a 1999 Mayo clinical study, 93% of patients with chronic sinusitis (CRS) have allergic fungal sinusitis. Mold thrives in humid and dark areas, such as air-conditioned areas in tropical climates. When you turn on the air conditioner for the first time in a hotel, this smell may be a sign of mold symptoms.

What about swine flu? The swine flu virus or the rhinovirus that causes colds requires living cells to survive. Without these cells found in body fluids such as blood, mucus, or saliva, the life span of the virus would be very short, ranging from a few seconds to 48 hours, depending on the surface. Viruses tend to live longer on non-porous surfaces (such as door handles) than on porous surfaces (such as fabric). However, if you wet the fabric with enough fluid, mucus, saliva or feces, the virus may last longer.

Can you catch swine flu from a hotel bed? not necessarily. You will have to lie down and deposit the swine flu virus on the face of the infected person within a few minutes of lying there. However, if you happen to come into contact with wet spots of infected body fluids, it is very likely.

Although in this era of epidemics, the possibility of you encountering a bed in a hotel is very small, not only has it not been replaced, but it is still damp in the case of previous guests infected with body fluids, “safer is better than regret”. Poor housekeeping service is the slogan of life.

The same precautions and methods that should be used on any hotel bed when checking for bed bugs can also help you check for wet or dirty bedding. After a whole day of sightseeing, do not wait until you are ready to go to bed, check it as soon as you enter the room. Get rid of the sheets! Jimmy Carter threw it in the corner the last time it was cleaned and forgot about it because Jimmy Carter was in the office. Slide your hands and arms under the sheet on top of the mattress protector (hopefully a piece) and feel for any wet spots. Remember, before you, you didn’t know who slept on this bed. Maybe it is the elderly with urinary incontinence, or the diaper changing mother and baby, what about the bedwetting child? Everything is possible, why not take a minute to make sure you or your family members jump in. Now smell your hands. If it stinks, wash your hands and leave the room. Better than others.

After checking the bed, move to the headboard. If the bed is sewn or covered with fabric, just put your hands above the headboard to check for moisture. Again, smell your hand and repeat the above instructions. If your hands smell bad, once you put your head there, your head will also be overdone.

The most important item now is the pillow. This material block filled with fibers or feathers not only has the ability to absorb and store fluid, mucus, urine, sweat and blood. The only thing that separates you is a pillow case and a barrier pillow protector. Hold the pillow in your hand and squeeze it. Hold the compressed pillow for 20 seconds. This will give you enough time to feel whether there is moisture. I did this several times in different places on the pillow to make sure it was dry.

After spending 5 minutes checking the bed, headboard and pillows, I still put down travel sheets like Allersac. If the clean sheets keep me completely separated from the mattress and pillows, the extra protection of my own travel sheets will allow me to relax and feel comfortable after washing the sheets.



Read the travel reviews to book the hotel experience

Considering the upcoming trip to Auckland (NZ), New Zealand, I am looking for accommodation. With so many choices, including bed and breakfasts, motels, hotels, serviced apartments and hotels (to name a few), I finally decided to stay in a hotel in Auckland. Now, my question comes from: What kind of accommodation do I want to live in? To: Which provider do I choose?

It’s fair to say that if I booked a trip through a travel agency, they might be able to recommend a suitable provider for me, but in today’s era of online travel booking, I don’t need to talk to the travel community. Therefore, in order to be consistent with online flight bookings, I decided to book my accommodation online as well. First, even though I decided to find out what other people think of Auckland hotels, see if anyone has some good suggestions for me.

I have heard all the discussions about user reviews becoming more and more popular in today’s online environment, and now I understand why. It’s a lot like talking to your family or friends and asking if they can recommend a place, but in this case, you can get a broader opinion. Another advantage is that the providers no longer filter the feedback posted on the website, so you only read the positive reviews, and their reviews of the hotel are more transparent and honest.

There are many online travel review sites available, but I must say that it’s important to find a site that allows people to sign and post reviews not just ordinary sites, because these sites will accept unverified reports, or even overly positive reports, sometimes Even fraudulent reviews by the accommodation provider itself. Therefore, my first step was to find a trusted Auckland hotel review website.

This is in the form of an online booking website. Reviews on these types of sites can only be posted by people who actually booked and stayed at the Auckland hotel. This allows me to read honest reviews from actual guests. Not only that, but it is easier to read reviews that I can finally book on the same website than I have to read one website and then actually find another website for the Auckland hotel of my choice.

Most of the reviews I have encountered have a scoring system ranging from 1 to 5 stars, including:

1 = poor

2 = below average

3 = value for money

4 = great value for money

5 = Excellent experience

This scoring method means that I can easily get a general concept of value without having to read every review in the past twelve months. From there, further investigation of the hotel is required, which involves reading every comment that caught my attention. At this point, it is very important to remember that one or two bad reviews do not necessarily reflect the poor service of the hotel. People did have bad days, but unfortunately, the hotel got through it. However, if it is mentioned in many reviews that the faucet is dripping, the shower is poor, the room is noisy or the service quality is poor, I think that most of the guests are right.

Finally, a trend that appears in most dissatisfied reviews is that sometimes people’s expectations of the hotel exceed the expectations of the hotel. Complaints such as “the restaurant closes at 11pm”, “no room service” or “I have to bring my own luggage” have all been investigated during the investigation that the Auckland Hotel did not initially provide these services. Some people still think that the hotel has a 24-hour front desk service and a bar, swimming pool, gymnasium and spa. Today’s demand has eliminated unnecessary products and services in order to provide consumers with better prices.

Therefore, after reading countless reviews, I now feel that I know me better than when I was at home. I managed to find an Auckland hotel that can meet my needs, not only in terms of service, but also in terms of location, price and facilities. Ultimately, these comments are an integral part of my decision and need to be reviewed with my own personal standards in order to make my final decision.



Borneo Plateau, Kuching, Sarawak bring me to the cloud 9

The mist began to roll in like a soft cotton cloud, gently enveloping the undulating green of the Borneo highlands, 1,000 meters above sea level, an hour’s drive from Kuching City, Sarawak. Looking at the undulating mist in the reception area, I feel like I am in another world, perhaps floating on the No. 9 cloud of the Borneo Highland Resort, which is located on a plateau surrounded by dense tropical rainforest and freshness. High altitude air.

At this time of the year, the company’s employees at its Borneo Highlands Resort will be in the annual clubhouse and stay in the clubhouse. Our journey to the Borneo Plateau started from the bottom. Due to the steep and winding climb, inexperienced drivers and their cars should not drive up and down the Borneo highlands, as this may damage the brakes and gears. We took the transportation service of the Borneo Highlands Resort wisely, and it was another 20-minute drive from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain.

Checking in at Borneo Highland Resort is easy, everyone is friendly, staff and guests are friendly. Cool temperature and natural atmosphere are excellent antidote. The club room that each of us got was not big, but it was enough for one person, with clean and comfortable beds and ceiling fans, because no air conditioning was needed. However, I was shocked that the toilet is not closed, but an open, low partition design. It stood out painfully like a thumb in the small room, but after a while I got used to it. There is a communal shower facility on each floor of the clubhouse.

The first day of our retreat was more of a company social gathering. After having a healthy vegetarian lunch at Annah Rais Café in Borneo Highlands Resort, we started to try the various facilities provided by the resort. The first thing on my list is the massage chair… It’s a wonderful relaxing feeling, I hope I don’t have to move, at least all of which have to stand up from the chair. Next is the outdoor landscape swimming pool… brrrr… the water is too cold for me. Imagine being in the damp and cool breeze… this is unimaginable.

Now, the hot tub is another matter entirely. The heat of boiling water and rising steam, coupled with the natural enclosed environment, creates an intoxicating luxury. I will return to the Borneo Highland Resort and massage chair alone.

That night, we had dinner at Annah Rais Café, which included several delicious vegetarian dishes. If you are wondering, Borneo Highlands Resort only offers vegetarian and meatless cuisine, a very healthy and wholesome choice. After dinner, some of us strolled leisurely around the resort and stopped by Swan Lake, watching the black and white swans glide gracefully on the lake against the backdrop of dense greenery.

The Borneo Highlands is also a unique golf resort, with the Hornbill Golf Course, which is popular with avid golfers who want to compare their skills with the unique golf course design of the Borneo Highland Resort. Although I am very keen on riding off-road vehicles, unfortunately, no golfer is keen on making me have a happy journey.

The second day was not a day full of fun, because that day was full of discussions and seminars about our company’s future plans, directions and goals. The meeting rooms and facilities are located in the Borneo Highlands Resort. The transportation is convenient, and the quiet and peaceful environment does help us to have a conversation and enhance our thought contribution, but personally, it is still not very interesting. At the end of the day, we were mentally tired, but the shower and a round of massage chairs refreshed my body and spirit.

On the third and last day, I visited the flower nursery. It is interesting to see rows of flowers, from seedlings to adult plants, there are colorful flowers everywhere, nodding and saying, I wish you a happy stay in Borneo Plateau! There are different kinds of roses, chrysanthemums, daisies, hibiscus and azaleas, some of which are planted in pots for sale, but I did not get them. Usually, flowers or plants that grow strong in a cool climate are unwilling to transplant them to a warm climate, and their response may be howling to death. I decided to be friendly to them and let them live longer.

We left the Borneo Plateau in the early morning and returned to Kuching City, and brought us back to the fond memories of our retreat on the plateau. Next time, I will try the fabulous jungle hot spring at Borneo Highlands Resort.



Carp like french fries?

Usually in the fall of the last week of September every year, my son, brother, me and a friend travelled to McConnelsville, Ohio for 3 hours. This is an autumn fishing trip, usually we stay for about three days. We fish the area owned by the AEP (American Electric Power Company), which is open to the public; all it needs is a permit, which you can print from their website. AEP has about 300 lakes where you can fish, some are small, and others are more than a mile. But this is not a story about fishing in the AEP area, but a story about Muskingum river carp and cat fish.

Every day we would walk around the AEP area and then return to the Three Sisters Hotel at NW 60 in the evening. We fished for the bass around 4:00 pm all day, so we went back to the hotel to clean up and eat something. Because it takes a lot of time to get back to the lake, and the Muskingen River opposite the hotel, the hotel has its own pier, so we had to try some river fishing. We usually never fish for carp, but we come up with “Hey, why not”. I didn’t come to watch TV in the hotel room this time, I can do it at home.

This is an interesting place, but I need to provide you with the layout of the area. The hotel is located on the main road, next to a small restaurant. There are no large chain stores, only a small town restaurant, but the food is really good. The McDonald’s restaurant is not far from the restaurant. I know you are telling yourself what carp and catfish fishing have to do; wait a minute, I will tie them together.

Okay, this is when I decided to cross the road and fish for carp and cat fish. Others in our group are not so keen on carp fishing or cat fishing. You might say that they are a bit picky about everything except bass. I looked at my fishing gear and chose the heaviest rod and line that I carried with me. I used a hook to make a Kentucky drill. However, part of the story here is hard to believe. When I put my fishing gear together, a sister at the Three Sisters Hotel told me that the best bait for McDonald’s French fries. Yes, you read this article correctly, McDonald’s French Fries. Therefore, I have never fished carp before, so I listened to any advice I could get. So I went downstairs to the restaurant to buy bait. By the way, this is the first time I can eat snacks on bait.

So here, I am on the pier with chips, fishing rod and fishing reel, ready for luck. Around the time I was about to shoot, the others became bored and came over to watch me fishing and tease my bait. Within a few minutes, I pulled up a 5-pound carp, which made me want to fight very much, and cleared the water several times like a bass. I put back the hook with a special bait, and soon I pulled another fish, but this time it was a was fish. Before long, four fishing tackles with special baits were placed on the dock, and we were all catching fish. My brother has never fished for carp and became a loyal fan in a short period of time, casting more fish than the rest of us. We have a bright ideal to try the French fries from the little restaurant I mentioned. But not bitten. The fish knows what he likes, and closing does not count.

The moral of this story is that old dogs can learn new skills that we are sure to do.