Budget travel for martial arts karate competition

Once martial arts contestants and coaches decide to follow a large karate tour like NASKA or NBL, they soon realize that participating in this sport is very expensive. Many years ago, I attended a seminar organized by Charlie Lee. He said that the only major difference between many national and local competitors is that national competitors have the funds for travel. I have participated in NBL and NASKA circuits. I have also been involved in international overseas competitions, so over the years I have learned some skills that can help save some of the total cost of participating in the competition.

Game fee

Most karate tournaments can save money by pre-registering. With many promoters recently adding online registration features, pre-registration is very easy. Of course, if you do not attend the event for some reason, you may lose all costs. Even if you have promised to participate in certain competitions, other circumstances will prevent you from participating in the competition. For example, due to bad weather, I missed the game due to flight cancellation. Due to uncontrollable reasons, flights may also be delayed or missed. Of course, unforeseen emergencies at home will always cause the trip to be cancelled. Therefore, even if you can save some money in a year by pre-registering all events, it is still risky.


Most tournament promoters also set special rates in designated tournament hotels. Considering that most of the event hotels are Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton and other top major chain hotels, these special fees are usually between $100 to $125, which is quite good. However, I found that if someone is willing to do some research, then it makes more sense. Accommodation can save money. I almost don’t stay in the event hotel anymore. Instead, I will conduct research to find nearby hotels. The map facility on the Yahoo site is very useful for this. Just go to Yahoo and click “Map”. Then enter the address and city of the match hotel. Search for other hotels nearby and the site will show you their location on the map and the distance to the active hotel. I also use travel sites such as Travelocity and Expedia to verify other hotels nearby. Many hotels are usually much cheaper, especially hotels of lower quality. In addition to travel websites, I will check room rates directly with Choice Hotels (Comfort Inn, Econolodge, Quality Inn), Holiday Inn, Days Inn and Motel 6 through their websites. The rooms of these chain stores are not as luxurious as the large hotels, but they are clean and comfortable. They are not at the bottom of the bucket like some independent motels. The room rate can even be 50% lower than the championship room rate of the event hotel. My average room rate is about US$50, which usually includes free breakfast, which is rarely provided by event hotels.

Many lower-priced hotels are within walking distance of the championship. Even if the hotel is not within walking distance, it is usually worth spending some money to save some taxi fares. I even stayed in a hotel near the airport, and then used the free hotel shuttle from where I lived and the event hotel for activities. Of course, none of this is as convenient as staying in an event hotel, but if you are willing to plan ahead, you can save a lot. Of course, if I extend my stay for vacation purposes, then renting a car will allow me to stay anytime and anywhere.

Another way to cut hotel expenses in half is to leave immediately after the game. You will miss the evening show, but if you don’t mind, you will only need to spend the night instead of two nights. In a year’s time, a one-night trip can save a lot of money.


Driving by car is the most economical way to participate in the championship, but if the location is too far away, then flying by air will be the most realistic way to reach the destination. You can also explore the train. As for flights, you can wait for seat sales to buy tickets. Another strategy is to fly into or out of different airports near the active city. If you are willing to use other airports, you can save significant flight prices. Some cities have multiple major airports in the area. Alternative airports can also reduce travel costs for competitors who must cross the US-Canada border. Canadians who drive across the border to a U.S. airport can sometimes save up to 50% on flight costs. Passengers should participate in all frequent flyer programs, but if possible, try to live with one or two major airlines. Points will indeed increase, which may lead to free flights in the future. Of course, points earned from hotel stays, car rentals and credit cards are also helpful.


As mentioned earlier, I will try to use the free hotel shuttle bus. If my hotel does not have a free shuttle bus and is close to the event hotel, sometimes I will take the free shuttle bus from the event hotel and walk to my hotel. I also often use the shuttle bus from the event hotel to take a ride back to the airport. Just hang out in the lobby of the event hotel so that you look like a guest and no one can question your use of the shuttle.

Many cities hosting large-scale competitions have very efficient and safe public transport systems from the airport. For example, instead of paying for a taxi or airport shuttle, you can easily take part in the race by spending about $1.50 on a local bus or subway.

Therefore, as you can see, there are many ways to reduce the total cost of karate tournament travel. You only need to research each trip. As for the meals, you can always play dumb in the Chinese buffets that can be found almost everywhere at reasonable prices.



Is your hotel ready to welcome millennial travelers?

Before proceeding, we first want to make sure who we are referring to when we use the term “millennial traveler” on the same page.

Millennials (also known as Generation Y or Next Generation) are people born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. They account for about 20% of international travelers, and it is estimated that by 2020, they will account for more than 320 million international trips.

There are some amazing numbers in ew! No wonder the hotel will do everything it can to attract them. But despite all their efforts, can hotels really meet the needs of millennials? Don’t they even know what millennials are looking for?

If you are not sure, please allow me to make some suggestions

Tip 1: Technology is their vitality

For millennials, technology is life itself for fish. Most of us think that good privileges-Internet, Wi-Fi, high-speed mobile data-are essential to their lifestyle.

What does this mean for the hotel

According to a report, nearly 71% of millennial travelers believe that free Wi-Fi is an important factor in choosing a hotel. Therefore, the hotel, please pull up your socks and prepare the technique for them. Or they might walk up to your competitors and book a room with them.

Tip 2: Millennials love their smartphones

Millennials attach great importance to the expression “technology at your fingertips”. He is likely to work for hours without food and water, but it is not without checking his smartphone. He works, plays, chats, chats, writes emails, watches videos, and uses his mobile phone to keep up with the latest news. His mobile phone is also capable of other more complex operations, such as booking airline tickets, arranging hotels and paying bills.

What does this mean for the hotel

It is absolutely necessary that hotels must invest in first-class mobile technology, starting with websites that adapt to different screen sizes and resolutions. More than half of millennial travellers use mobile devices to discover and book hotels. Therefore, the hotel industry has paid a heavy price without investing in mobile responsive websites. You may also want to consider purchasing an app for your hotel to facilitate functions such as mobile check-in, check-out, payment and redemption of points.

Tip 3: Millennials are “social” creatures

Generation Y is often criticized for evading forms of social interaction that their parents prefer. They are considered to be isolated from the world. But the truth is that millennials do tend to connect with each other, but not in the way we are familiar. The online world, especially social media, dominates their social life. They can hang out on Facebook, Twitter, What’sApp, GChat and Snapchat, sign in, upload pictures, start conversations and share life details.

What does this mean for the hotel

Given that social media is one of the biggest influencing factors in the lives of millennials, hotels must work together to gain a place on various platforms. In fact, they must go beyond Facebook and Instagram token pages and build communities online. Engage with your audience, engage them, solve their problems, and invite them to comment. Active social media profiles can inspire confidence in millennials, and in the long run they are likely to win Brownie points.

Tip 4: Millennials are confident in peer review

Generation Y are suspicious people, they can identify marketing heads from a mile away. Therefore, they rely heavily on “peer review” to gather information about locations. Whether they buy a new gadget or give it a try in a nearby restaurant, you will see them comment before deciding any action. They think it is a more authentic and “true” source of information. And, you can be 100% sure that they will read the information about your hotel before deciding to stay at that hotel.

What does this mean for the hotel

Don’t try to patronize or deceive millennial travelers. All your online media resources (websites, blogs, social media profiles) should display accurate information with the latest pictures. If you want to offer discounts or discounts, please arrange the terms in black and white. Encourage your visitors to leave you comments on platforms such as TripAdvisor or your Facebook page; if needed, you can incentivize the process. If you receive negative reviews, please take steps to resolve and resolve the issue.

Millennials don’t expect you to be perfect. However, they do want you to be transparent and sincere. Mistakes are an inevitable part of your industry, and if you have taken all possible steps to correct the problem, you will be forgiven. Otherwise, you will find yourself caught in annoying comments posted to the world.

Tip 5: Millennials are happy to have fun

Generation Y is relatively free from responsibilities at home and is more willing to travel. However, unlike previous generations, nearly 62% of millennial travelers will extend their business holidays to explore this place and gain cultural experience.

What does this mean for the hotel

Gone are the days when the single table in the hotel room catered for the “business needs” of travelers. Millennials do not like to work in the room. This is a generation. They walked out of the cafe and sat on their laptops and worked for a few hours. They popularized the concept of a “third space” independent of the home and office. Design the hotel lobby to meet this need so that when they go out to find a place to work, they don’t have to go too far.

Tip 6: Millennials seek authentic experiences

Although it seems to be engrossed in the online world, millennials are always looking for unique and meaningful travel experiences. They want to stay personal and not give up the opportunity to learn valuable things. They are not satisfied with the climax of visiting tourist attractions. They are eager to interact with locals and like to be immersed in various cultural experiences.

What does this mean for the hotel

Refuse to use the cookie cutter method for the service you provide to your guests. Provide them with a real travel experience, that is, immersive, interactive and hands-on experience. Don’t just take them on regular sightseeing tours, show the city from behind the bus or window panes. Take them to meet local artisans, show them the way to the hips and underground bars, and show them interesting customs and traditions. This is the only way to add real value to their lives and create experiences they cherish throughout their lives.

It is undeniable that millennials are fully promoting the hotel industry. They already account for one-third of global hotel guests, and by 2020, this number is expected to climb to 50%.

In order to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, hotels must show their willingness to develop and reshape themselves. They must abandon traditional operating methods, re-examine their marketing strategies, and plan unique experiences for the Y generation.

In addition, the hotel industry is in their best interests. By updating the quotation, the hotel will maintain an important position in the industry and have the ability to respond to the changing needs of the times. Millennial travellers are the dream cash cow of every industry, and by catering to their needs, hotels can at least ensure that they earn considerable income for the next few decades.



10 top budget travel tips for Tokyo and Japan

Budget Tokyo

You are coming to Tokyo, but you don’t want to spend too much money. Please follow the tips below to help you control your budget and have a pleasant holiday!

  • train -In Japan, local train fares are not expensive. My train to work cost me 250 yen. This is only 1 pound or a little more than 2 dollars. A flight of the same distance in the UK in London cost me about £5. When you arrive here, please try to use the local train system to reduce travel costs.
  • pass -Planning a national trip from Tokyo to Kyoto, Osaka or other major destinations? Consider buying a rail pass. Please note that the pass can only be purchased from your home country before you land in Japan. The biggest advantage of the rail pass is that it can be used on Shinkansen/bullet trains with other JR lines (including local). For one price, you can enjoy unlimited travel for 1, 2 or 3 weeks.
  • 100 yen shop -100 yen store is equivalent to dollar or pound store. You can buy a variety of products here. Pick up your souvenir gift and buy a variety of snacks such as potato chips or chocolate.
  • Isekaya -If you want to spend a good night without spending a penny, then izekaya is the best and most interesting way. Most importantly, you will appreciate the actual Japanese culture and see the locals really let go of their hair when socializing outside of the rigidity of normal business life.
  • Capsule Hotel -Capsule hotels are a great way to save money-especially if you are a man. Why is it a man? Although some hotels now allow women to stay, many hotels are still men only. The average nightly cost in Tokyo is about 3,000 to 5,000 yen. This is about 15-25 pounds or 28-47 dollars.
  • business hotel -Some hotels are called business hotels because they are not as luxurious as some large chain hotels. If you do not wish to stay in a capsule hotel, you should consider choosing a business hotel. Prices usually start from around 7,000 yen to 15,000 yen per night.
  • museum -It is worth including some museums in your itinerary, because Japanese museums are not expensive compared to many other countries. Some are even free! Choose from museums of science, history, art or technology.
  • Founder of Heaven -Sit on the rotating conveyor belt to make you satisfied. Please note that there are usually 4 or 5 different color plates. The reason is that the price of each color is different. Check their number and choose the ones that match your budget. Keep each plate after eating and add it up to calculate the bill.
  • Noodles and ramen -Stand with the locals and enjoy a delicious bowl of noodles or ramen in one of the many restaurants scattered around. Find them in or near subways and land train stations.
  • lunch -At lunch time, you can take advantage of various Japanese and international set menus. Many places in central Tokyo offer all the choices you can eat for 1,000 yen-5 pounds or 10 dollars.
  • Want to know more about Tokyo City. Check out the link below.



    Hotels in Katikies Santorini

    I want to share my dream here, but it has not yet been realized; it is called Katikis Hotel And located in Santorini. When I travel, I usually don’t pay attention to accommodation because the destination is very important to me. Santorini is a unique place and I strongly recommend it to everyone who comes to Greece. Katikies Hotel is a gem of Santorini. Therefore, I have a certain fascination with this luxury hotel!

    Katikies means house in Greek, but unfortunately, it cannot be fully translated into English. I can tell you “Katikia” When you hear it, it will arouse a feeling of warmth and cosine-this is the whole purpose of Katikies Hotel.

    It was built about ten years ago in the famous village of Santorini, Oia, Oia. The hotel is actually built on the cliff of Santorini, so you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic island of Santorini. Every evening, visitors can enjoy the famous Santorini sunset from their balcony or by the hotel swimming pool.

    This luxurious hotel is built according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style, with Santorini characteristics. The rooms and suites of Katikies Hotel look like small caves on the cliff, everything is painted white and connected by small steps. Each room at Katikies has a unique, simple decoration and style, and offers a view.

    If you are waiting for a narrative of my personal experience during Katikies, I will disappoint you. I haven’t managed to stay in Katikies. …In the summer of 2007, I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t afford it. Although my last trip to South Africa was great, there was very little money left in my bank account-but my financial situation was not that interesting, so let’s go back to Katikies!

    In summary, Katikies are not what you call “cheap hotels”… It is a luxury hotel that belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels chain, and its rooms and suites are a bit expensive.

    So i am right Katikis Hotel Since May 2001, a friend who lives there and I have dinner in the hotel’s open-air gourmet restaurant. In the following years, I read a lot of information about the hotel carefully on the Internet and planned to stay in this hotel. island. But I am a typical Greek, so I decided to make a reservation at the last minute. It turned out that there were no vacancies at Katikies Hotel. Now i have understood Early booking, I suggest you book a room as soon as possible, because Katikies only have 7 rooms and 15 suites!

    Last but not least, I will introduce you to its swimming pool, Katikies’ famous infinity pool! It is built on the edge of the cliff and is impressive.



    What’s in “My Costa Rican Rent Last Night”

    “This is my first time to Costa Rica, and I was eaten alive.” How many times have I heard this statement? There may be more insect species in Costa Rica than anywhere on earth, but over time, they are not a big problem for the people here. You may see “gringo” just covered by the bite, but you rarely see the bite Tico (Costa Rican). Even Gringo, who has lived here for a long time, does not seem to be so painful. Maybe onions and garlic are in most dishes.

    Anyway, “What was bothering me last night?” I will mention the most common bitterness that causes itching. These are small black ants, about 1/2 cm long. They are large mosquitoes, especially small mosquitoes and purrujas or no-see-ums.

    Little ants are everywhere, on walls, plants, or on lots you might want to buy. caveat! Do not stand in many places or the same place on the same road. When you look down, you may see a group of ants crawling on your feet. Suddenly, you panic and try to clear it. It’s too late, as if they are biting you at the same time. Sometimes spraying with a hose will make them fall off faster, but don’t expect it to be bitten a bit. Same hands: Touch the plant and you will find several ants hidden in your hands. Now, if they bite, don’t scratch, otherwise the itching will drive you crazy. Sometimes, I find that applying some red dirt near the ants will immediately remove the itching. You may need to moisten the dirt to use it. A veterinary ointment called Panalog can also eliminate itching. Otherwise, it will be itchy and you need to scratch it until it stops, and then it will not recur after a few hours. This situation may occur for a few days.

    There are many other biting ants. One is small, light yellow, almost transparent. I believe this is in the fire ant family. It feels like the tip of a needle and it keeps tingling/itching for about an hour. This is the ant that Ticos likes to avoid. The other ant is a leaf-cutting ant. Don’t let these things bite you. They will draw blood and maintain very strong death control. This is a woman to be wary of. All the males who bred with the queen died. Finally, ants are said to bite people. It is best not to hinder them and let them work in cleaning up dead insects and ant eggs. There are many ant species in Costa Rica. I just emphasize the most common pain.

    The next one on my list is Purrujas, which prohibits eating or fleas. These little guys were found near beaches, coastal roads or mangroves. They like to come out at dusk and can linger all night until the heat makes them hide. Once you find yourself in no man’s land, you will be bitten mercilessly. Plan itching for about three days. Sulphur powder sprinkled on clothes or ankles helps prevent these invisible things from biting. In addition, if you know that you are going to a hotel or restaurant along the coast, be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves. Again, panalog may stop them or stop itching after you are bitten.

    The last on my list is mosquitoes: very small aggressive mosquitoes, called Sancudos, are normal mosquitoes that carry diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. However, because Costa Rica has a fairly balanced ecosystem that is not completely destroyed by chemicals, bats, snakes, frogs, praying mantises and birds have done an excellent job of curbing mosquito populations. For example, a small bat can prey on 600 mosquitoes per hour. Yes, too, garlic may be the reason why Ticos and those who live here for a long time are rarely bitten.

    Whether you are renting a house, renting a house or just walking around, there are several remedies to solve the itching or prevent biting in the first place. First of all, to prevent this from happening, please try not to turn on the lights, sprinkle some sulfur or pyrethrum on your clothes, or avoid restaurants or hotels near the beach. Looking for a Costa Rican rental away from the beach. Other solutions include applying cedarwood oil, rubbing alcohol, rosemary oil, Mexican vanilla, citronella oil, Avon’s “Oh So Sweet” and/or cactus juice lotion.

    You have a little pain, now you want to stop itching. Use your nails to draw a line at the bite, and then cross the other crossing line. If unsuccessful, add more rows to create a grid pattern. Solutions may include: rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, lemon juice, lavender oil, baking soda paste or viscous toothpaste.



    Las Vegas is booming: Why is it so hard to find a good deal in a hotel room!

    With 130,000 hotel rooms available (if you invest 148,978 rooms in Nye County and Laughlin), you might think you will find a “deal.” You are probably wrong! Finding “deals” in cities where properties in major resorts are close to production capacity has become increasingly difficult. why? Because the top resort properties are controlled by a select group of companies without discounts.

    Las Vegas law of supply and demand

    For a moment consider the simple law of “supply and demand.” When supply is high and demand is low, prices fall. Las Vegas is an emerging city with high demand and low supply. How about 130,000 rooms? The answer is simple: there are 30 million visitors every year, and it’s still growing! In fact, the growth rate is so amazing that things like Mandalay Bay (43-story, US$375 million spa, 1,120 suites completed in December 2004), Venetian Hotel (currently expanding) and recently completed Super resorts such as the $2.4 billion Wynn Las Vegas (opened in April 2005) are adding thousands of rooms to the Heart of the Strip. Such amazing growth has made even state financiers like Donald Trump take action. Demand for rooms exceeds supply, so prices continue to rise!

    According to an interview published in USA Today on July 30, 2004, Trump’s plan included a part of the Frontier Hotel property opposite the Wynn Las Vegas Resort and next to the Fashion Show shopping mall. Build a 64-story hotel apartment building.

    The planned $300 million project is scheduled to begin construction sometime in 2005 and will have 1,000 hotel rooms and 50 luxury residential units modeled on the Trump International Hotel Tower in New York. The hotel will have no casino.

    Only 10% of Las Vegas hotel reservations online

    In the several articles I studied this year, these studies were published in various business journals and analyzed by Hotel Industry analysts. The actual booking rate of hotels that provide online services to tourists is about 10% nationwide. I believe this is also an accurate representative of Las Vegas. (Our company operates several websites that provide hotel reservations, and these numbers are consistent with our website).

    Further proof: “Only about 10% of our rooms are booked on Hyatt.COM,” said Gary Gotling, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Hyatt Regency Tampa.

    This means that 90% of people are using the Internet to collect information, but they are not actually booking online! Traditional travel agencies and telephones are still the preferred method of booking. The Internet is used as a source of information collection, nothing more. The big players know this and use it to their advantage. Likewise, if your customers do not take advantage of them, there is no incentive to offer lower prices. I will briefly talk about room taxation, saying that most local governments hate the Internet because rooms booked online for national interest are reducing their available tax pool. It is hoped that local government officials will take early action on this issue.

    So, when you book online, where will your money go?

    If you search, you will find that they are owned by Greenspun Media Group (Henderson, Nevada). Greenspun Media Group publishes the Las Vegas Sun and owns Vegas Magazine, Showbiz Weekly, In Business, Las Vegas Weekly, VegasGolfer, Las Vegas Life and Ralston Report. Greenspun Media is part of Greenspun Corporation, which also owns the local Channel 25 UPN. Greenspun is a partner of the news channel Las Vegas ONE. American Nevada, the real estate arm of Greenspun Corporation, is one of the most recognized commercial and residential developers in the Las Vegas Valley. Their annual advertising budget exceeds 7 figures! Someone must pay for all advertising.

    You might try the popular website, which has a long and interesting history. The domain of the site was licensed to Mandalay Resort Group and Parkplace Entertainment from Stephens Media Group (Las Vegas Review Journal, of Littlerock Arkansas in 2002. Follow up now-in 2004, Park Place became Caesars Entertainment, which was acquired by Harrah’s Entertainment. The transaction was only one month after the MGM/Milaki firm agreed to acquire the Mandalay Resort Group. Need a room on the strip? Hmm-I think the pricing will be fairly consistent! And think about it, you might have as early as 1997!

    IAC (InterActiveCorp) operated by Mega Financier Barry Diller operates these online travel booking agencies

    · holidays

    ·Expedia’s Las Vegas Package





    Note: On Expedia, third-party Internet-based booking companies rank first in total online travel bookings. But their share of the total “booking party” is still small. Mr. Diller also oversaw the recent acquisition of “Ask Jeeves” for only $1.85 billion. Don’t expect these prices to fall anytime soon.

    Sabre Holdings Corp owns:

    Travelocity-#3 in travel booking

    Note: Since most Travel Agent computers are tied to the reservation system, Sabre is a “big player” in the Travel Agent industry. Travelocity ranks third after Expedia and Orbitz (now owned by Cedant Corp.).

    Cedant Crop is the world’s top hotel franchisee with more than 6,400 locations and owns or franchise rights:

    · Orbitz-ranked second among travel visitors




    FYI-Cadant also owns the Avis & Budget Rent A Car, Fairfield Resorts (timeshare resort), Cheap, Century 21 and Coldwell Banker real estate franchise.

    So, where will this leave you? It is recommended that you quickly read the following tips.

    A quick tip for Las Vegas travelers on a budget?

    You might think that I suggest you visit during the “off season”. Don’t do it! The temperature in August is usually over 110 degrees-this is the temperature, not the heat of concrete and asphalt. No, I suggest you do something simple-leave it alone! Compare your rental car prices with the high prices of the top “On Strip” large resorts, they are cheap. Try a hotel in Henderson or Summerlin. I recommend small resorts like SunCoast or The Orleans.

    Find rental cars and parking lots behind Excalibur, New York New York, or Fashion Show Mall (covered and very safe). Click on Internet Advertising, and then view the available content. Although 90% of the rooms are fully booked, hotels that are not fully booked are actually advertising! Click on these ads! I used to stay at the Carnival Henderson Hotel for 3 consecutive nights for $29.95 per night, and I have a suite with 2 queen-size beds! I found this deal on internet advertising! In fact, when I called the hotel to get a better deal, they told me that I must book online! Try to use company housing, as it is usually full during working days, but it can be used on weekends when business travelers return home. Visit the website of the hotel where you may wish to stay and sign up for its email promotion so that you can send you offers directly before you travel (for this purpose, please use a free address like Hotmail). When logging in, ask the service desk if there are any additional offers or offers available to guests. It’s a bit like asking for a window seat on an airplane. If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. My last tip is “form before fashion”-before checking in, bring your most comfortable sneakers and buy bottled water at your local grocery store.



    What exactly is a boutique hotel?

    In recent years, boutique hotels have become the most popular hotels in the world. But the ironic fact here is that no one knows exactly what the term “boutique” really means, or why this term is used in connection with a hotel, and what are the benefits of staying in such a hotel?

    However, one thing that is very obvious among hoteliers is that they know exactly what qualities or characteristics make their hotel a boutique hotel. The first quality is the size of the hotel. People often question how many rooms should a boutique hotel have? According to connoisseurs of this business, a hotel with no more than 100 rooms can be called a boutique hotel.

    The second quality or characteristic is the atmosphere of the hotel. I firmly believe that atmosphere is an important factor in any boutique hotel. Here, the definition of atmosphere is the sum of the Ethereum services required for all accommodation and outstanding services. When used in a boutique hotel​​, the term “atmosphere” includes decoration, atmosphere, personalized service, the way the hotel staff thinks, and most importantly, how these skills combine to create a sense of intimacy among guests. Technology has further increased the visibility of any hotel. According to the regulations of “international boutique hotels”, boutique hotels must have an atmosphere full of intimacy, otherwise they cannot be called boutique hotels. Problems can arise when creating this atmosphere in unfamiliar situations. In the hotel industry, intimacy is defined as professional caring, professional passion and professional personalized service. Please note that the word “professional” can be seen everywhere, which means that everything is very professional. Familiarity here refers to addressing guests by their names instead of Mr. or Ms., hugs, big handshake and others.

    Another factor that every boutique hotel must have is quality service. Let me explain what “quality service” means. The staff of a boutique hotel should anticipate or know the needs and requirements of the guests in advance, rather than respond when asked. Knowing what the guests want, when they want it, what they want and present it in this way before time, this is the huge gap between quality service and quality service. This is why some people say that boutiques must provide quality service.

    Another very important factor for a boutique hotel to be called a boutique hotel is its very unique theme. Unique themes have become a very important factor, and as time goes by, it becomes more and more important. The fact that we can see a different theme in every boutique hotel from New York to Washington can prove this. The original artwork in the lobby, designer equipment in the bathroom, free wine and champagne, and the guests’ favorite CD collection are all very important factors in making the hotel a boutique hotel.

    Taking all these factors into consideration, the definition of a boutique hotel may be an accommodation that makes guests feel happy and satisfied when they are here, makes them feel different, makes them realize that they should recover as soon as possible and makes them realize this The hotel is worth discussing with others.



    Beautiful hotel in Manali

    Manali is located in the natural circle near the northern end of the Kuru River Valley, a paradise on the green land of God. It is located in the Bis River Valley at an altitude of 2050m. This is where backpackers and newlyweds have the most contact. According to the 2011 census, this is a small town with a population of approximately 8,096. The tranquil air flows through the valley, replacing the hustle and bustle of the city with a calm atmosphere. For solo travelers like me, this is a paradise, they have a knack for solitary adventure and solitude.

    The temperature in winter can be as low as -150°C and the temperature in summer can be as high as 260°C. If you are going to Manali, your first priority may be the weather, while the other problem is accommodation. Well, you don’t have to worry about the second question, because we have already covered the second question. Let us catch a glimpse of some top hotels surrounded by gorgeous and natural love, which create a peaceful atmosphere of love and romance.

    Manali Honeymoon Hotel

    Honeymoon Inn is located 13 km from Solang Valley and 3 km from a beautiful village called Vashist Bath. It provides tourists with moderate and comfortable accommodation. It has a sports lounge, which includes dance floor, chess, pool table, hockey, Xbox and table football. They also provide car rental services. The rooms are spacious and have views of the garden and mountains. Free toiletries are provided for guests. The nearest airport is Bhuntar Airport, 50 km away.

    Orchard Green

    Imagine walking in the nature of Old Manali with your beloved one. The orchard green is 300m above Hidimba Devi Temple, and provides a playground and sun terrace for your children. It also has a restaurant. The room comes with a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom.. It provides guests with free Wi-Fi. You can play table tennis in the sports lounge, and they also provide car rental services. The nearest airport is Jagar Airport, 87 km from the hotel.

    Royal Park Resort

    Located in Manali, this hotel offers guests an on-site bar, terrace and spa. Hidimba Devi Temple is 3.4 km away. Room comes with a flat-screen cable TV and free toiletries. Few rooms have river and mountain views. You can visit the Tibetan monastery which is only 1.9 kilometers away.

    Manali Mall Road Hotels

    There are affordable hotels in Manali for those who travel economically. For a group of students who are on a school trip or university trip, this is a good thing. They provide some common facilities, such as free Wi Fi and TV. They may fall in the range of 900-2000/- Indian rupees.

    You can search for Hotel Gilbert, Hotel Tirupati Classic, Hotel Samiru, Hotel Rajeev, Hotel Daulat and Hotel The Moon.



    How to reshape the hotel industry through mobile interaction

    Smart phones are attracting our attention all day long. They have changed the nature of our interaction with the world around us, including the way we conduct business.

    When it comes to travel and hospitality spaces, mobile phones have completely changed their functions, which is also beneficial to consumers. And, as expectations for mobile interactivity continue to increase, consumers have increasingly higher requirements for the types of services they can reach.

    Here are some statistics that can help you grasp the extent to which mobile technology has penetrated the industry:

    • TripAdvisor is the most popular mobile application in the travel industry, with more than 230 million downloads and 150 million monthly active users.

    • Between 2011 and 2015, mobile bookings during travel increased by 1700%, from 1% of online revenue to 18%.

    • In 2017, 40% of travel sales came from mobile devices, and it is expected to reach 50% by 2021.

    • If your travel or tourists cannot meet their needs, 88% of leisure travelers will switch to other apps or websites

    • More than 50% of travelers did not set a destination when planning their trip -60% of travelers will search for their next trip via mobile devices

    • By 2019, one-third of boarding passes will be delivered via mobile phones

    • 66% of users prefer restaurants with rewards programs, while 78% of users will use mobile apps after discounts.

    Most importantly, mobile devices will continue to exist. In fact, it will only occupy a more important place in consumers’ daily lives, so your hotel business must be fine-tuned to make it suitable for most mobile devices.

    The hotel industry has invested heavily in online marketing (approximately $6 billion in 2016, which can give you an idea) and use it to attract customers and drive conversions. However, online interaction using only paid advertising quickly lost its appeal.

    More and more companies are rethinking their strategies and trying to incorporate the mobile experience at every stage of the travel experience-from research to sharing feedback about the journey and their hotel stay.

    The role of mobile phones in the research phase

    Previously, your travel research did not necessarily involve surfing the Internet. After a short search on the Internet, you will call the travel agency and trust him to offer you a discount on the entire “package”.

    Today, travelers are proud of their “research skills” and ability to plan outstanding experiences, while also getting the best prices for themselves. Many of their research took them to social sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as user review platforms such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

    This means you must incentivize existing customers to share their journey online. Signing in, commenting, sharing photos, using custom hashtags, and writing blogs are popular strategies for inviting contributions.

    However, don’t just leave all this to the guests. Hotels should also actively participate in the creation and distribution of high-quality content. Pay attention to value-driven things, make potential consumers think,These guys seem to know what they are talking about when they talk about travel, so I will help them check it out!“And don’t forget to optimize the content to read on your smartphone, because finding it on a PC is an outdated method. Also, please work with experts, experts and influencers to enrich your content and increase its credibility.

    Now that you are creating valuable content, make sure you can find it on Google. Have a strong SEO strategy so that you can stand out in popular search results. In addition, get the Google business information of your hotel, and maintain NAP (name, address and phone number) consistency among platforms such as Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare, and TripAdvisor.

    The virtual concierge service is even better. Guests can access this service on their mobile devices, allowing them to view hotel facilities, view local attractions, and even view upgrade opportunities. You should also take advantage of video for online tours.

    From booking to arrival

    There is always a time gap between the time a guest makes a reservation and the time they arrive at the hotel. This period is rarely used by companies, but after some thinking, you can contact your customers and provide value-added services.

    Communicate with your guests on their mobile phones, but not by sending spam. Provide them with useful information about the area, introduce them to sightseeing spots, and inform them of events happening around the hotel. And, if they need something, ask them to use their smartphones to reserve seats.

    You can even eliminate check-in lines and other processes with the help of mobile apps. Guests can choose their own room, choose additional components, and easily check in to better control their stay. Not only will this free up your employees to work on other aspects of the business, but you will also earn Brownie points because of your proactiveness.

    Hotel lobby and accommodation

    People will ignore your lobby because there is nothing there to attract their interest, except for the ridiculous seating arrangements and the creepy silence. You can change it and use this space to actually interact with guests through your phone.

    SoftBank’s humanoid robot Pepper is one of those innovations that really caught my attention. This robot is a great way to guide customers to use all the mobile services you might have, while paving the way for membership services and plans.

    Pepper can be programmed to chat with customers, answer questions and give instructions-its functions are similar to Amazon’s Alexa. However, with Pepper, there is a robot in front of the customer, which can dance, look around, play music, light up, blush, and even take selfies with passersby.

    Pepper can even capture email addresses and phone numbers, and can be programmed to send customers messages that contain points to your mobile apps, membership plans, and other information before and after your hotel stay. With Pepper, you can capture the data you need to create a truly personalized experience for your guests. This is of Most hotels now prefer mobile devices.

    Finally, your application

    Maybe you are thinking when we can solve this problem, because we cover almost everything else. We will not try to convince you why you need an app, but know that having a mobile website is not enough. The application itself can increase your customer engagement to a new level, and in industry competition, you should take advantage of mobile as much as possible.

    The ideal application should have the following characteristics:

    • Ergonomic design, intuitive user interface

    • Choose basic functions carefully

    • Brand consistency

    • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, etc.)

    • Convenient way to book

    • News-local and industry related

    • Backend analysis

    • Photo gallery/virtual tour

    • Floor plan

    • Membership program integration

    • Event calendar

    • Flight information, weather updates, dynamic

    • Social network sharing tips

    As technology becomes more personalized and mobile, your involvement in the hotel sector should not lag behind. Although these suggestions are very wide-ranging, please consider implementing some (if not all) of them to see the improvement you get in your relationship-personal experience is the best teacher.

    Having said everything, mobile interaction really enables you to interact with guests in a personalized and more proactive way, which really brings miracles to your brand image. In addition, it can also free you from the chaos of competition, which seems to be a win-win for me!



    Cuba connection

    In approved government locations, slow dial-speed access costs $4.50 per hour, but you cannot use a laptop. In five-star hotels with no work space, high-speed Internet access costs up to $10 an hour, and people have to shake their knees to balance the computer. But you can send documents to print materials at a price of 50 cents per page.

    So, getting my ticket to escape to Medellin, Colombia-where they have free Wi-Fi-can rival Charlie Chaplin’s movies. It took two days to find the site to book the ticket. The reservation was confirmed, but for some reason, they were unable to process the credit card details. It’s great, because I managed to book another ticket. I did not confirm the first one within 24 hours, so it has been cancelled.

    The confirmation has been sent to my email address and I must go to the hotel to print it. fine. This address is the longest address I have ever seen, and I made a mistake, so I had to find a lady working there to enter it for me.

    When I confirm my ticket with the ticket, I feel safer and safer. But this is Cuba and can never take anything for granted.

    For example, when I arrived at Cubana Airlines (CDA) (after Madird was delayed for 24 hours), neither of my luggage appeared on the conveyor belt. About 25 people yelled and pushed them in front of some poor officials behind the glass wall, trying to sort out their demands. I don’t know if he received hazard pay because the Hispanic did not take any measures.

    A Spanish-speaking European lady told me that as the flight doubled, they arranged another plane to pass through Caracas. Due to the longer flight time, CDA employees have convinced many passengers (including her and her partner) because it is “safer”. The luggage did not transfer, so they were in Venezuela.

    Early the next morning, the casa where I lived received a call saying that my luggage was at the airport. They are dirty and covered with some kind of white powder. But at least they are in Havana. They spent three hours and a taxi fare of $30 to retrieve them.

    The next task is to find Air B&B accommodation in Medellin. After waiting for an hour-only four computers are available, one must wait-I gave up because it was too slow. I decided to find a hotel near the airport only on the first night, and then organize some activities in the city center via Wi-Fi.

    Cuba is a delightful country, exuding the charm of the old world. In 1978, I went to Canada on holiday, where I was on holiday, and my passport remained unchanged. However, the villa needs more repairs, and the old cars are still running, stuck with snare drums and a little chewing gum.

    The contradiction of introducing 21st century technology will definitely change this situation. Whether it is good or bad is yet to be determined. Under the control of the Americans, I do have reservations about how the situation will develop.