What’s in “My Costa Rican Rent Last Night”

“This is my first time to Costa Rica, and I was eaten alive.” How many times have I heard this statement? There may be more insect species in Costa Rica than anywhere on earth, but over time, they are not a big problem for the people here. You may see “gringo” just covered by the bite, but you rarely see the bite Tico (Costa Rican). Even Gringo, who has lived here for a long time, does not seem to be so painful. Maybe onions and garlic are in most dishes.

Anyway, “What was bothering me last night?” I will mention the most common bitterness that causes itching. These are small black ants, about 1/2 cm long. They are large mosquitoes, especially small mosquitoes and purrujas or no-see-ums.

Little ants are everywhere, on walls, plants, or on lots you might want to buy. caveat! Do not stand in many places or the same place on the same road. When you look down, you may see a group of ants crawling on your feet. Suddenly, you panic and try to clear it. It’s too late, as if they are biting you at the same time. Sometimes spraying with a hose will make them fall off faster, but don’t expect it to be bitten a bit. Same hands: Touch the plant and you will find several ants hidden in your hands. Now, if they bite, don’t scratch, otherwise the itching will drive you crazy. Sometimes, I find that applying some red dirt near the ants will immediately remove the itching. You may need to moisten the dirt to use it. A veterinary ointment called Panalog can also eliminate itching. Otherwise, it will be itchy and you need to scratch it until it stops, and then it will not recur after a few hours. This situation may occur for a few days.

There are many other biting ants. One is small, light yellow, almost transparent. I believe this is in the fire ant family. It feels like the tip of a needle and it keeps tingling/itching for about an hour. This is the ant that Ticos likes to avoid. The other ant is a leaf-cutting ant. Don’t let these things bite you. They will draw blood and maintain very strong death control. This is a woman to be wary of. All the males who bred with the queen died. Finally, ants are said to bite people. It is best not to hinder them and let them work in cleaning up dead insects and ant eggs. There are many ant species in Costa Rica. I just emphasize the most common pain.

The next one on my list is Purrujas, which prohibits eating or fleas. These little guys were found near beaches, coastal roads or mangroves. They like to come out at dusk and can linger all night until the heat makes them hide. Once you find yourself in no man’s land, you will be bitten mercilessly. Plan itching for about three days. Sulphur powder sprinkled on clothes or ankles helps prevent these invisible things from biting. In addition, if you know that you are going to a hotel or restaurant along the coast, be sure to wear long pants and long sleeves. Again, panalog may stop them or stop itching after you are bitten.

The last on my list is mosquitoes: very small aggressive mosquitoes, called Sancudos, are normal mosquitoes that carry diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. However, because Costa Rica has a fairly balanced ecosystem that is not completely destroyed by chemicals, bats, snakes, frogs, praying mantises and birds have done an excellent job of curbing mosquito populations. For example, a small bat can prey on 600 mosquitoes per hour. Yes, too, garlic may be the reason why Ticos and those who live here for a long time are rarely bitten.

Whether you are renting a house, renting a house or just walking around, there are several remedies to solve the itching or prevent biting in the first place. First of all, to prevent this from happening, please try not to turn on the lights, sprinkle some sulfur or pyrethrum on your clothes, or avoid restaurants or hotels near the beach. Looking for a Costa Rican rental away from the beach. Other solutions include applying cedarwood oil, rubbing alcohol, rosemary oil, Mexican vanilla, citronella oil, Avon’s “Oh So Sweet” and/or cactus juice lotion.

You have a little pain, now you want to stop itching. Use your nails to draw a line at the bite, and then cross the other crossing line. If unsuccessful, add more rows to create a grid pattern. Solutions may include: rubbing alcohol, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, lemon juice, lavender oil, baking soda paste or viscous toothpaste.