Hotels in Katikies Santorini

I want to share my dream here, but it has not yet been realized; it is called Katikis Hotel And located in Santorini. When I travel, I usually don’t pay attention to accommodation because the destination is very important to me. Santorini is a unique place and I strongly recommend it to everyone who comes to Greece. Katikies Hotel is a gem of Santorini. Therefore, I have a certain fascination with this luxury hotel!

Katikies means house in Greek, but unfortunately, it cannot be fully translated into English. I can tell you “Katikia” When you hear it, it will arouse a feeling of warmth and cosine-this is the whole purpose of Katikies Hotel.

It was built about ten years ago in the famous village of Santorini, Oia, Oia. The hotel is actually built on the cliff of Santorini, so you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and the volcanic island of Santorini. Every evening, visitors can enjoy the famous Santorini sunset from their balcony or by the hotel swimming pool.

This luxurious hotel is built according to the traditional Cycladic architectural style, with Santorini characteristics. The rooms and suites of Katikies Hotel look like small caves on the cliff, everything is painted white and connected by small steps. Each room at Katikies has a unique, simple decoration and style, and offers a view.

If you are waiting for a narrative of my personal experience during Katikies, I will disappoint you. I haven’t managed to stay in Katikies. …In the summer of 2007, I couldn’t do it because I couldn’t afford it. Although my last trip to South Africa was great, there was very little money left in my bank account-but my financial situation was not that interesting, so let’s go back to Katikies!

In summary, Katikies are not what you call “cheap hotels”… It is a luxury hotel that belongs to the Small Luxury Hotels chain, and its rooms and suites are a bit expensive.

So i am right Katikis Hotel Since May 2001, a friend who lives there and I have dinner in the hotel’s open-air gourmet restaurant. In the following years, I read a lot of information about the hotel carefully on the Internet and planned to stay in this hotel. island. But I am a typical Greek, so I decided to make a reservation at the last minute. It turned out that there were no vacancies at Katikies Hotel. Now i have understood Early booking, I suggest you book a room as soon as possible, because Katikies only have 7 rooms and 15 suites!

Last but not least, I will introduce you to its swimming pool, Katikies’ famous infinity pool! It is built on the edge of the cliff and is impressive.