NDE (Near Death Experience) or Divine Intervention?

The real incident happened about 30 years ago. Although I only shared it on a few occasions, in my opinion, this strange experience is still very clear. The only thing missing is Logical explanation.

A few years ago, I suddenly found myself telling a story to a group of people Businessman. I finished a short but powerful story that made them wonder. To my surprise, a man eagerly suggested that I have a near-death experience called N.D.E.

I have read and heard of many near-death experiences. In each case, people find that they have left their bodies and entered another realm of life some time before returning to their bodies. Since then, in many cases, their lives have changed a lot. As far as I am concerned, I have not experienced physical departure or any transcendence, but just lost period. As if a small part of that incident was edited from my memory, the “cutting” was placed among the fragments on the bathroom floor.

Let me explain:

I am in my twenties and have not consciously realized any kind of spirituality. Or, perhaps, in fact, I am doing a great job and ignore the things that keep knocking on the door of my closed heart. I must point out that at this stage, it took many years or even more knocks to finally wake me up.

In 1976, while on a business trip, I checked into a very old hotel that is still a high-end Melbourne hotel. The small bathroom includes a bathtub, wash basin and ceramic toilet. The shower head is located above the bathtub, and the plastic curtain slides on a stainless steel rail mounted on the ceiling.

This particular morning, I stood in the bathtub and took a shower. Suddenly a lot of hot water gushes out. When I tried to reach near the hot water nozzle to adjust the temperature, my feet fell off my feet and then fell backward on the side of the bathtub. It seems to happen in slow motion. I instinctively grabbed the curtain to stop the fall. But all I have to do is to pull the fixture completely out of the ceiling. The next few seconds or minutes remain a mystery. I don’t remember going to hit the floor. My next memory is that I was standing in the bathtub looking at the debris on the floor. The shower screen and fixtures lie on the floor together with the broken porcelain toilet. There are no traces on my body.

When my colleague came to pick me up for our first date, I shared my experience and showed him the chaos. He checked if I was okay, smiled, and didn’t think about it again. But i did it I will still do this for many years to come.

Was it a near-death experience? During that wasted time, is it possible that I will leave my body and come back? Or a divine intervention? Or are they the same thing?

Now, thirty years have passed, and with the help of hindsight, and “awakened” all the possibilities and the miracles in it, I will choose the miracle of divine intervention.