Welcome to Broadmore!

It seems that there are endless “bad” customer service cases to share every month, so when a good case comes up, it’s worth celebrating-at least it has the opportunity to show how to do the right thing instead of paying attention to something Do not Do it.

Your room number is 4238…

I just returned from a very important conference in Broadmoor, a beautiful building with a long history in Colorado Springs. In the afternoon, I took a flight in Atlanta, and the flight time with me was around 8:30 pm mountain time, when my time was 10:30 pm.

The front desk clerk was courteous and professional, and handed me the map of the resort, the room key and the folder highlighting room 4238.

She offered to let the bellman help me carry my luggage (no need, thank you), and then pointed me in the direction of the elevator.

knock! Who is there?

You can imagine my worry when I arrived in Room 4238… I found a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door.

I thought it would be wise to see if anyone was actually in the room before using my key, so, carefully ignoring the sign, I knocked on the door.

My response was a barking dog, and after a minute, the door opened. A lady with a puppy greeted me, confused about who I was and why I knocked on her door (the door with the “Do Not Disturb” sign).

I apologized to her and showed her the folder clearly marked with the room number in the “Your Room” section.

Embarrassingly, I apologized again and then went downstairs to the front desk to figure it out.

Oops, we made a mistake!

It turns out that the front desk clerk suffered a minor attack from dyslexia-my room was not 4238; it was 4328!

As they said in the basketball game, “No injury, no foul”, so I settled in my room without luggage and had some much needed sleep.

However, the next morning, I started to think about this situation, and I was a little worried about it. For example, if there is no “do not disturb” sign on the woman’s door, what will happen? I would have walked in and created a scene, which was the most uncomfortable at best!

So I went to the front desk and asked to see a manager. A few minutes later, Sasha (pronounced “say-sha”) Burke showed up and listened to what happened. What made me very relaxed was that she assured me that my key would not open the door to the first room, because it was a simple shift error, so I was taken there from the beginning.

She apologized for your inconvenience and invited me to contact her directly if necessary during my stay.

Need a snack?

This situation was handled by professionals, so I started doing business without thinking twice.

But when I returned to the room, there was a surprise waiting for me: a bottle of wine and a can of snacks with desserts!

Then, I saw the flashing light on the phone and I pressed the “message” button. The general manager of the hotel, Ann Alba, sent a message, adding her advertisement, letting me know that they had sent a gift, and left her direct phone number just in case.

Therefore, the reason I started to enjoy it was not because of a treat, but (1) because of the way to solve this service restoration opportunity, and (2) because the general manager was aware of the problem and had reached out in person.

But wait… there is more!

The next morning, when I was crossing the property on the road to the main building, I suddenly passed Sasha, who was walking in the opposite direction.

I smiled and said, “Good morning!” and Not lost She beat, “Oh, Mr. Rosenberg, how are you today?” Yes, yes, she remembers my name, although She didn’t know she would meet me then-Not even during the rest of my stay.

And, just in case you thought it was just a blessing, she passed me at the host’s reception later that day and said hello again.

problem? no problem!

Mistakes can happen, especially if there are a lot of “moving parts”, such as large resort hotels.

But the way these mistakes are handled can make a difference between a potential disaster and an avid fan.

In fact, some studies have shown that if the “benchmark” level of customer loyalty is 90%, then when problems occur and are dealt with quickly, effectively and professionally, the loyalty level is actually increase.

I don’t have to worry about anything!

If you think about it carefully, it will be very reasonable. You have some expectations; but when something goes wrong, you will find that the supplier will surpass and surpass it. This provides a certain guarantee that you will be taken care of even if something goes wrong in rare cases.

If you want to know, the next night, after I finished my speech, I was greeted with some handmade chocolates and two small bottles of Grand Marnier in the room.

Definitely exceeded expectations!