I returned to Thailand to pursue my lifelong dream-Muay Thai competition in Thailand (Pt3)

There is not much information to share. Today is Sunday. Tiger Muay Thai (Tiger Muay Thai) is closed, but other Soi Ta Ied are not open.

After a nap, I walked out of my hotel room to Soi Ta Ied. It felt great. Soi Ta Ied can be said to be the healthiest street on earth. This is where Tiger Muay Thai is located, as well as six other world-class Muay Thai stadiums, six or so world-class CrossFit stadiums, and many other fitness-oriented companies. Everyone walking on the street looks like they just walked out of a fitness magazine. Biceps, washboard abs and slim, tan, healthy people are normal and no exception.

This is a very touristy area with people from all over the world. Some good old-fashioned Thai places are full of fitness companies, tourist shops and restaurants. My favorite place to hang out on this road is an outdoor restaurant full of dirt, which we affectionately call the chicken hut. It doesn’t have a name, but people know what you’re talking about, because the non-English-speaking owner stands in front of the chicken hut and barbecue chicken, fish and other Thai food for a long time, when his wife is cooking and cooking in the hut. Vegetable stir-fry, green curry…whatever she thinks of that day.

I met these people when I first came to Thailand. They used to operate on a cart opposite the hotel where I lived. Over the years, they have grown into fully functional cabins. Most Thais, such as the Muay Thai trainers who work on this street, frequent this place. This is great food and cheaper than other restaurants nearby.

I don’t know their names, and I am embarrassed to ask them again. They told me several times, but they named it after a difficult Thai name, and I will never remember it. In the past three years, I have spent a lot of time with them. She taught me how to cook some Thai food. She took my son to the Buddhist church on Sunday. When I fought for the last time, she brought me a small Buddha statue, and she said it was my luck. When I showed it to the manager of my hotel, I was told it was very expensive and “original” and I should take good care of it. I have got.

When they saw me walking out of my hotel today, they all shouted “MIKE!”. I got them a big hug and smile. She speaks English very well, but honestly, I think “Mike” is that he only speaks English. She always insisted not to charge me for food, and said: “You are my friend, Mike.” I always tell her: “That’s why I want to pay you!”

Today was a slow day for them, because it was raining, so I sat there with my husband playing checkers for a few hours. He made a plank from a piece of old wood and used a magic pen to draw on the square. We used bottle caps. If the hat is facing up, it is mine, and the one facing down is his. Many Thai trainers in all nearby stadiums stopped to eat. This is reminiscent of the sitcom “Cheers” from the 80s, and everyone knows your name. All the trainers who stopped, were really happy to meet me.

One of my favorite coaches, Sawat, was stopped by the chicken coop. He is about my age and still fights often, so he has my respect. He is stepping up to 500 battles. He is a Muslim and is rarely seen here. Thai Buddhists account for 95%. Sawat is my first trainer in Tiger. He was promoted and became a member of the Tiger competition team, so I started working with other coaches. Sawat’s voice is clear, especially when he yells my name. He called me “Mike” (he couldn’t say my name correctly).

Also stopped sideways. He is a guy. I like watching him fight. He will either knock down his opponent or be eliminated. His fighting style is very reckless and very interesting to watch. As always, there was a young lady in the back seat of his motorcycle. He spends half of his time flirting and half of his time training. He has personality.

The chief trainer of the senior team, Kru Robert, also stopped. He has nothing to say. He never does this. He asked me, “When will I get here?” I told him I arrived today. Then he said: “How long?” I told him I would be here for two months. He said: “Very good” and then walked away. He is nicknamed “The Terminator”.

When I was leaving, Kunchan pulled his motorcycle. He gave me a ride. I told him I was going to cross the road to my hotel. In any case, he insisted on taking me a ride. Therefore, he literally drove me across the road (haha).

I decided to visit my tattoo artist and talk to him about the work I want to accomplish here. The shop is located across the street from Tiger Muay Thai. It is called Ang Mo Lao. Since I met him, I deceived them and completed work elsewhere, but never again. He has done a great job, and everything I have done since he has paled in comparison. The most interesting thing about him is that he has no tattoos himself. I have never seen a tattoo artist without a tattoo. He runs this company with his wife, and their children are always there. They are about to enter their teenage years, and they are the most polite, cute and funny children you have ever seen. This is a tattoo shop with real family elements. They are the salt of good people on earth, and I highly recommend them. Strangely, they are also Muslims.

On the way back to the hotel, I heard “PAPA!” calling out from behind the counter of a small shop. Shop owner Love My son Nick. She called me “Dad” because I was just Nick’s father, but she was really happy to meet me and told me to bring Nick next time.

My last stop at the hotel was Wanisara Massage for Thai massage. I got a strong hug from the host, and a girl’s knees and elbows. This is the ideal way to end the day.

My first day in Thailand was very enjoyable. Please make sure to listen next time, because tomorrow we are Muay Thai.