Puerto Rico-Caribbean Gem

Puerto Rico is considered the best island in the Caribbean, while others are considered the best destinations for weddings. The island offers a variety of entertainment options, from coastal areas and marine activities to inland expeditions beyond the coastal areas. Explore the beautiful scenery of Puerto Rico, hundreds of years of history, four unique cultures, and-most importantly, friendly and enterprising people leave their mark on the hearts of all visitors.

Unique municipality

Puerto Rico has 78 unique cities and almost any type of special interest can be found. From hiking in the forest or exploring caves, to exquisite cuisine, blazing nightlife and exciting casinos, to romantic walks on the beach under the moonlight. Renting a car allows you to discover small towns, fishing villages and various cultural activities; staying in Parador can escape the island-Puerto Rico also has it all, including ideal places for weddings and honeymoon trips, and spectacular meeting places. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is the largest of its kind in the Caribbean.

Six regions

The island is divided into six regions, each of which has its own unique features and attractions.

San Juan Metro

Greater San Juan is one of the top 25 metropolitan areas in North America, a bustling metropolitan business, cultural and entertainment venue. However, the tourists on the cobblestone streets date back 500 years. San Juan’s large-scale fortifications have been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is a museum consisting of seven blocks, but also contains residential areas, where there are many places to meet, eat, shop and stay.

North “Atlantic Gate”

There are historical sites, beaches, lagoons, lakes, caves and forests everywhere. In the heart of the fourth oldest city on the island, Arecibo settled in 1616. The area is home to the famous Leo Cami Cave Park, Arecibo Observatory and Barcelona Outlets.

“Sun Gate” in the West

Visitors can explore 17 small towns; explore the world’s largest surfing areas and beaches, high-quality seafood, excellent coastal forests and unique coffee and sugar fields, numerous regional celebrations, and several golf courses and piers. The important secondary airport of Acquadilla (BQN) is located here, providing direct air services within the United States, providing services to major eastern cities such as New York, Newark, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale throughout the year.

South “Porta Caribe”

Twelve towns with beautiful beaches and charming forests, freshwater lakes for fishing, golf courses, fishing villages, carnival-style celebrations and Victorian houses in Ponce, the main city of the region. Flights from Orlando and New York can fly to Ponce Airport (PSE) all year round.

Central “Porta Cordillera”

This is an important agricultural area, famous for its unique mountainous terrain world, famous for its coffee, and famous for its outdoor adventure opportunities and numerous natural attractions including beautiful waterfalls. The area also has many archaeological sites, annual festivals and shopping opportunities to buy unusual items from famous local artists.


There are fantastic beaches, golf courses, nature reserves, impressive underwater coral reefs and small reefs. The area is home to the quaint offshore islands of Vieques and Culebra. Vieques was rated as one of the top ten islands in the Caribbean, and Flamenco Beach on Culebra was selected by the Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards (Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice Awards) The best beach in the world in 2014.

Hotels and Resorts

There are several spectacular holiday resorts on the beach, in the mountains, towns and villages, near historical sites and nature reserves, and at or near the airport, on the beach or on the beach you can hear a variety of great value hotels.

Small hotels, hostels and guest houses (many provide bed and breakfast arrangements) and many eco-hotels can be found in big cities and throughout the island. These are family-oriented sea-view hotels, Mediterranean style boutique hotels in a restored Spanish villa, small European-style bed and breakfasts just a few steps from the beach, hillside villas with panoramic forest views, facilities Fully equipped, service facilities, with swimming pool and direct access to the beach, renovated pre-16th century monastery, located in the old San Juan, once a magnificent house in the Spanish sugar industry, one-bedroom and two-bedroom villas are located on 40 acres Among the nature reserves-the choices are endless.

Paradores in Puerto Rico

Now let us forget these little gems. Each of the 15 country lodges, known for their affordable prices and picturesque remote locations, provides a comfortable starting point for nearby expeditions near the big city of San Juan.

Paradores range from century-old manors to small manors in local fishing villages. In general, Parador’s restaurants are also part of the Mesones Gastronomicos program, where the designated restaurants provide the highest quality, high standards and best quality local Puerto Rican cuisine at reasonable prices.

When you drive around the island, you will often see the Parador symbol. The word Parador in the property name is reserved for properties that meet and maintain the standards required by the procedure.

There is more to learn about Puerto Rico. If you like this information and want more information, please contact me and we will be happy to serve you.