Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas-What is so special about it?

My wife and I have lived in Eleuthera for over 9 years and we still love it. It took us a long time to realize Central subtropical climate The Bahamas will be right for us. Yes, because we own a house and a hut in the middle of Eleuthera, we live here every winter, sometimes even summer.

But before I tell you how special this island is… well, did you know that an hour’s flight from Florida to get there, does that mean Miami or Fort Lauderdale? No, don’t you?

Okay, this is a good reason to tell you the most important fact about Eleuthera-this long and narrow island is Totally relax…A paradise of peace and tranquility peaceful. Especially suitable for couples, families, snorkelers and anglers. why? …

The most gorgeous pink beach

The number of spectacular and deserted beaches is really impressive. Therefore, if you are a snorkeler, then you will get…the beauty of the beach and the beauty of the underwater world.

with Rental places abound Because many foreigners (mainly from the United States) are renting out houses or hotels. Just put the two search terms eleuthera and rental into Google, and you will find a wide range of rental housing options.

Hotel? Unbelievable, but on the entire island, there are only three hotels directly on the water. The northern part of the town near Gregorian is newly renovated Ivicera Bay.

In the central area of ​​Eleuthera, there are only two hotels directly on the water, a charming Italian resort. Coco Dima There are 12 rooms. It is on the left side of Eleuthera near GHB Airport. Another hotel with 8 rooms- Unique village -Located on the right side of North Palmetto Point. That is the Atlantic side, with all the exquisite pink sand beaches.

Eleuthera’s abnormal form and its friendly people

Eleuthera is 100 miles long and a quarter to 4 miles wide. Its population is only about 9,000. Also, Eleutherans who are native English speakers are very friendly. I give you one example…

When we first arrived at the Governor’s Port Airport, we were driven to settle in Governor’s Port 9 miles south of the GHB Airport. What did we see? …An almost straight road that traverses gently rolling hills, looking like a roller coaster, and… bushes, bushes, with bushes on both sides.

When we entered the town of Governor’s Harbor, all the locals waved to us. *You must be a very well-known person*, I said. *Oh no, this is the way people are here* she told me. Therefore, today we drove to the city.

What can you expect?

Clear turquoise water, Awesome pink sand beach And pure air. By the way, there is very little traffic, just like England, it is left-handed traffic. The Bahamas is a British colony after all. That is why the children still greet you with friendly greetings, sir*.

What can you expect? there’s a few Grocery store There are many good options, but nothing can compare with the United States. Well, maybe there is an exception… in the southern part of Rock Sound-Eleuthera-the largest grocery store on the island, offering a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Most returning customers to Eleuthera bring frozen meat. Do not load any vegetables or fruits, because customs will confiscate them. The visitor also brought prescription drugs because No island pharmacy.

restaurant?…You will find a variety of restaurants, but of course not as many as the real tourist attractions. Bahamian cuisine, Italian or Chinese…yes, they are all there.

Eleuthera is now developing at a faster rate

Since the New York Times published an article on Eleuthera in the winter of 2005/2006, Five-star resort Began to rise. They are still under construction-in the summer of 2007-but will be operational in 2008. the most important is Cotton Bay In South Eleuthera.

But this will not disturb our winter residents, because they are small resorts. It has nothing to do with mass tourism. Believe me, this is the essence of Eleuthera, peace and tranquility and a private residence that truly enjoys your privacy.