Uluru-Healing Stone

During the mission to find the secrets of the Aboriginal Australians, I was honored to meet a guardian of the famous Ayers Rock or Uluru (formerly known).

David is my half-aboriginal guide. He took me to Alice Springs for a car ride, looking for an old man who would travel with us to Ayers Rock. We drove to the big park and looked for the many indigenous people sitting around.

Pay to sit.

I don’t understand why all these people do nothing. It looks like they are waiting, but what?

David told me that the government would rather give them food and money to drink to keep them healthy, rather than finding meaningful jobs and tasks for them. For Europeans who are accustomed to a well-organized social care system, this is a shocking statement.

Rock tour.

The old man was found at home, lying on a folding bed. Soon, he collected some personal items and rolled them onto the bed. His equipment was placed in the back of the truck, and we set off for Uluru.

The old man is very friendly and cannot speak English well. David explained that this aboriginal was chosen by the elders as the guardian of Uluru, and he was considered the secret of the rock all his life.

Spiritual disrespect.

Ayers Rock is world-famous and is considered one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions. The buses line up at the bottom of the rock, and visiting tourists move up and down all day.

We started walking slowly in Uluru to give the elderly a chance to explain the meaning of the rock to the indigenous people.

Someone told me that Uluru is the most important spiritual home of the indigenous people, only a few times a year, and on certain dates, they are allowed to climb the rock to celebrate. This is the method for thousands of years.

The white people did not respect their spiritual values ​​and turned their most sacred place into a tourist attraction.

The change of color.

After we walked, I looked at all the people who were still on the move, not knowing what they were doing.

We drove about a mile away from the rock and watched from a distance at sunset. The rock became the most magical red I have ever seen. While we were gazing at this spectacular scenery, our native guardian sang the story of Uluru in his native language.

Spirit cave

I plan to spend the night in a nearby hotel and propose my friends to join me. This is not what they are used to, obviously they are not satisfied with this idea.

We all ended up sleeping in a parking lot on the ground.

Plan for a very special occasion the next morning. We plan to see the sunrise from the spiritual cave of Ayers Rock. During the time we walked around the rock, it was not obvious that there were any caves, which made me curious about where we were going.

If you don’t know where the cave is, it’s impossible to discover it only if the first aboriginal people enter the cave. For some reason, the guardian of Uluru made an exception to the rule and asked me to enter the cave with him.

When we watched the sun rise, the old man was shouting the story of the cave. I feel very honored and respected for this ancient culture. I can’t believe how happy I am to have this experience.

Healing rocks.

Indigenous people talk about the healing of the earth and the humans that will happen. They wait patiently for the day when people will respect them and listen to the knowledge and wisdom they have always possessed.

Uluru is a sacred place where they recuperate the earth and receive spiritual insights and should be respected.

The final message from the aboriginal elderly is:

White people are technologically advanced, but are hungry and ignorant in spiritual knowledge, and are not yet ready to learn.