Frank Sinatra and Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Awards

There are many articles about Frank Sinatra, who may be one of the most important and influential singers of the 20th century.
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Sometimes his short stories and outbursts of anger are condemned in the media. At other times, although people paid tribute to those who fought for equal rights for African Americans. He played an important role in the dissolution of Las Vegas, Nevada hotels and casinos. He also asked Rat Pack members and Reprise label artists to boycott hotels and casinos that refused to enter black customers and performance artists.
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His official recording career began in 1943, Frank signed with Columbia Records. He then signed with Capitol Records in 1953 and formed his own record company Reprise Records in 1961. Depending on the person you believe in, he has recorded nearly 1,000 songs, including “All Me”, “The Birth of Bruce”, “Walk with Me”, “April Fools’ Day”, “That Lady is a Tramp”, etc. Popular song. “My Way” and “Stranger in the Night”.
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Unforgettable movies include “People in Town”, “Man and Dolls”, “From Here to Eternity”, which won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, “Pal Joey”, “Manchurian Candidate”, ” Eleven-year-old Ocean and Robin and the Seven Hoods. ”
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I am very proud to see with my own eyes that one of Frank’s awards is the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award. The award is regularly awarded to someone in the film industry, whose humanitarian efforts have earned a reputation for the entire film industry.
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The award is named after Jean Hersholt (Mr. Jean Hersholt), who has been working hard for everyone’s progress in his acting and film career. He served as the chairman of the American Film Relief Foundation for many years and also served as the dean of the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
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Over the years, certain parts of Frank’s acceptance speech have bothered me. It resonates with me because it shows that Frank has never forgotten where he came from and that his humble starting point was in Hoboken, New Jersey.
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He told listeners and TV viewers that in most cases, if you are a famous person, you will often be rewarded for doing good deeds for others. But he said that there are many ordinary people in society who have never received any recognition for their many good deeds day after day. When he was as far away as the Oscar winner, he said: “So, this award belongs to all John Dawns who have performed well in John’s behavior but have never received the recognition they deserve. I speak to them on behalf of us. ,Thank you.
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