Become a disproportionate person-trust

A few years ago, my wife accompanied me to France, when I talked with leaders representing various organizations across Europe. Annie has always wanted to travel to Portugal, because the extra stopover cost is very small, so it sounds good to me. Our travel agency booked us to a beautiful hotel on the coast of Lisbon. When we received the hotel confirmation a few days before our departure, I was shocked when I realized how much it would cost to stay in a sea view room for a few nights.

Annie looked forward to my response and assured me that we would save money because she had filled an old suitcase with food and could live for three days. Dry cereals with non-refrigerated milk, nuts and savory flakes on canned tuna are really frightening, especially considering the beautiful hotel restaurant we pass by every day overlooking the blue Atlantic Ocean. The table full of food, flowers and ice swans reminded me of luxurious movies and made our suitcase meals worse.

The night before our departure, I went to the front desk of the hotel to check our bills. When I turned to leave, the clerk asked me if I would book breakfast the next morning. When I expressed confusion, she explained to me that all our breakfast and dinner are included in the hotel price! Her words surprised me, just like the dry cereal and warm milk I had at breakfast that morning. In three days, when we could enjoy the food we had paid for in the beautiful hotel restaurant, we ate some of the most fringe food imaginable from an old suitcase!

Our experience has captured the dilemma of many organizations, and these organizations have always been eaten up in mediocre performance. In fact, a lot of commitment, productivity and outstanding results have not been used by employees.

Usually, the leader does not motivate the members of the organization or team to make full use of their abilities and willingness to care deeply about the overall success of the customer and the organization. How do leaders influence the emotional input of organization members in this way?

I often ask groups,How many of you want to be people with little influence?“For this question, I usually get a 90% to 100% “yes”. We may also answer “yes.” People with disproportionate influence are the essence of leadership. Even if we don’t have a formal leadership title, we Can still seek to have a significant and lasting impact on others.

The essence of having a disproportionate influence is to cultivate the individual’s inner desire and preparation to bring passion and ability to any effort. Although there are many important factors that can affect this excellent performance, the most important thing in the epicenter is trust, the first principle of disproportionate influence.

How can we inspire trust, let me make three suggestions.

the first, We must keep our promise-Do what we say. Although it is simple in a sense, it is profound in another sense. Our credibility is the foundation of trust, stemming from this very important axiom. For example, call back and send emails quickly, complete before the deadline and follow what we say, and we will build trust. We know that individuals do not keep their promises, so the loss of trust usually reduces their impact on us. When our untrustworthy boss asks us to do something, we may comply, but often we are not fully committed to the task.

second, We must make our thoughts visible. Most work is done based on influence rather than power or position. If we want to influence someone, we must be clear about what we want to do, why, how and when. This transparent way of communication enhances trust in others, especially the turbulence experienced by most organizations today.

third, We must follow the same rules that we expect others to follow. A CEO I know always flies first class, but insists that all members of his organization be flight instructors. Although this is his privilege, cooperation with others is not ideal. He works according to different rules will exacerbate distrust of the company’s more important issues. His credibility was damaged.

I firmly believe that no one intends to be mediocre, the most wanting to be great. I have never seen a person who wakes up in the morning, he said: “I want to know how can I be a real ordinary person today?” As a disproportionate person, fundamentally, we encourage the best among others- We urge them to move towards a great goal that each of us has not yet developed.

How do we start? We first look for ways to increase our credibility and credibility among those who wish to influence. I will discuss other key ways to become a disproportionate person in future newsletters, but this vital principle is the cornerstone. Today we can lay the foundation stone.



Nordic tour

First of all

Denmark, which borders Germany, is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, and it has participated in many historical sports over the years. In addition, many kingdoms near Denmark have tried to invade the country. Another neighboring country is Sweden, which is reminiscent of Denmark to some extent, such as architecture and social behavior. The two countries are very proud of their traditions and attach great importance to keeping in touch with the old traditions.

Family life is one of the precious things that Danes and Swedes appreciate. But they like to keep it for special events that happen throughout the year. This may be a family weekend or holiday, and they have time to spend some time together. Due to Danes’ heavy workload, it is actually important to keep busy in daily life in Denmark.

Danish lifestyle and architecture

When I visited Denmark, I saw many interesting things and many ancient cities in the country, full of romance. What I pay most attention to is the beautiful houses in the small towns surrounding these islands. It is really easy to notice that everyone who has been to Denmark will know what I mean. I set off from Germany and drove and rode a motorcycle to Fyn, a coastal town in the northeast of the island. When I came to Kerteminde, I felt very excited because I could really feel the feeling of being surrounded by water. The beach has a long coastline beach area from one location to another. For me, it was a summer vacation, or a vacation, so I swim in the beautiful ocean every day.

My first time in bed and breakfast

I spent the night at Samlingsstuens bed and breakfast in the center of the town. Its house is located in a protected building in a courtyard named “Andreasenskøbmandsgaard”. Here, they have beautiful rooms, beautiful flowers on the small table next to my bed, and a beautiful clean room, which I take very seriously.

My schedule told me to stay in Kerteminde for a few days, but in fact I ended up staying there for 5 days. I am a little born, so I spend most of my time thinking about the surrounding beaches and large forests.

Danish Vikings

I also went to the Viking Museum, which is about 10 kilometers from Samlingsstuen. It met the modern Vikings, and then continued. I learned a lot about Danish history and culture that day, and even tasted real Viking cuisine.

Basically, this place is a good place to spend time with family, and children can do many things to learn. But even if I go there by myself, I am really happy.

in the end

I want to share a story I have encountered many times during my stay in Denmark. It is called “hygge” and is a unique description of things like family bonding or perhaps another expression of “coolness.” This word is particularly relevant to Denmark and describes the life of the Danish people very well.

My greetings



The easy rider of Dalat

In 2002, when I visited Dalat for the first time, I first encountered EASY RIDERS. When a motorcyclist approached me, I was walking down the street. He asked me if I would be interested in visiting the Da Lat area. I asked what I was about to see, and he listed a place of interest to tourists: Crazy House, Chicken Village (the home of a local montanyard tribe), Datanla and Prenn Waterfalls, that old colonial building from the French era, Da Lat market and Truc lam monastery on Tuyen Lam lake.

When tourists first arrived in Da Lat in the early 1990s, these guides were not called EASY RIDERS, they were just guides guiding their customers to explore the area on motorcycles. These guides are former soldiers (and their family members) of the South Vietnamese military, and because of their ties to the previous government, they cannot obtain legal employment. Some family farms working in the area. Ten years later, a tourist gave them the term “easy rider,” which refers to the American movie of the same name in the 1960s.

The original EASY RIDERS usually speak English because of previous connections with the US and Australian military. After years of forced poverty, this ability provides them with a means of employment. Most of the old timers have now been retired and passed the same name to the younger generation.

My guide Titanium Titanium (“Small” in Vietnamese) provided me with a great tour that day, because I watched the scenery pass behind his motorcycle. I watched Titanium Titanium For other visits to Dalat, we focused on the past. EASY RIDERS hang out at the Peace Hotel. If you are lucky, you will find the original EASY RIDER, which can tell you the past and provide you with wonderful tours. Today’s EASY RIDERS will not only show you the sights near Dalat, but also take you to almost any place in Vietnam. Vietnamese tourists arriving in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) can get to Da Lat in a hurry. A “real” traveler will take an “open tour” bus from the Pham Ngu Lao area in District 1, and spend a whole day enjoying the magnificent view from the mountain to Dalat. Most “open tour” buses will get off at Heping Hotel or nearby. You can spend an hour or two with EASY RIDER to negotiate services. Have a cup of local coffee or tea and spend some time getting familiar with the situation in Dalat.

Check out Easy Riders in Dalat for the traveler’s video experience. I wish you a pleasant trip!



Some common misconceptions about business travel

Whenever you meet a business traveler walking around an airport, many ideas will come to your mind. First of all, I warn you that many of them may be wrong.

Business travelers face many challenges. They are always racing against time, constantly flying from one airport to another, taking one flight to another. Lack of sleep, working hours longer than expected, and sometimes even skipping meals, this is the information that many travelers can tell them about their travel. Naturally, it is not easy to deal with such routines. Only the hardest people can survive.

Traveling faces many misunderstandings. Here are some of the most important.

1. Always be happy

Usually, whenever you hear news from business travelers, many people think that the trip is related to entertainment. Of course, all they could think of was paid travel, free air travel and all other expenses.

Indeed, most companies will pay for the entire trip. But this is not just about free meals and accommodation in luxury hotels. In order to meet deadlines and complete tasks, business travelers usually have to sacrifice a lot of leisure time.

2. They travel style

Indeed, most business travelers have charismatic personalities. No matter how many days of insomnia they live, they will always travel in a fashionable way. But for many people, the definition of style is completely different. When you think of business travelers, you automatically tend to think that they must travel in the luxury cabin of an airline and stay in the most royal hotels.

The truth is that not many companies can afford it. Many business travelers usually fly through economy class and then stay in hotels with limited budgets.

3. Formal wear

Always want to attend a meeting that looks the best. However, luggage restrictions often make it difficult for you to bring your best suit for business meetings abroad. Businessmen all over the world understand this limitation, which is a huge relief.

Therefore, the next time you are eager to find travelers, they may not always be in a suit to qualify. A nice pair of pants and a formal shirt will also do well. Suits are no longer the eligibility criteria to become a businessman.

4. Do a lot of work

Of course, this trip was planned to complete certain projects. However, this is not always the case. Business travel may not always be as successful as the company plans.

Sometimes, a business trip means that no work is actually done. However, this trip may open up more avenues for future success. This trip may make you very busy, but the company may not get the desired results.



3 easy ways to choose the best host family in Madikeri

Madikeri may not be as popular as other places in India, but this evergreen scenic city is still my favorite. It has beautiful lush green woods that create a pleasant atmosphere, where the cool breeze keeps the temperature at a pleasant level. This small town in the center of the Western Ghats is gradually becoming a popular honeymoon destination. The host families here are great for couples, but there are also many people who can travel in groups. The host family is warm and welcoming, creating an amazing holiday destination for any traveller.

Just like traveling in other places, host family has become my first choice because of its convenience and comfort. Madikeri host family is no different, I will always find a property that has everything I need for my vacation, and will definitely make my stay not only pleasant, but also memorable. In the selection process, I have different ways to find what I want. I basically narrow my search from different aspects to find the best property that meets my holiday preferences.

area. Madikeri must have many beautiful places during the holidays. I like to find facilities near my favorite attractions. When I travel locally, other options I can choose from include Indira Nagar, Cauvery Layout, Abby Falls Road, Gowli Street and Dechoor. These are the most popular areas in Madikeri, and each house has many homestays to choose from.

Holiday theme. When traveling, I hope the vacation will be different from before. Fortunately, the homestay is designed in such a way that it can meet the needs of different travelers according to the theme. For example, if I am looking for adventurous accommodation, then there are many attributes set up in such an environment to meet my personal needs. Other options beyond the theme include: business hotels, which provide all the basic facilities related to business travel; beach hotels, suitable for people who like sun and beach; and family-friendly accommodation, where I can stay with my family and hold unforgettable gatherings. Too much accommodation costs, there is always a choice of houses with the highest value.

Type of property. Just like in most areas, Madikeri’s accommodation hotels are also rated as stars. This is another easy way for me to find a vacation experience that suits me. There are 1-star hotels, 2-star hotels, apartments, villas and even hostels. My final choice actually depends on my preference for a particular holiday, especially in terms of privacy protection. Villas and holiday homes tend to provide some of the most intimate facilities, while hotels offer affordable options, even if you have to keep up with the needs of a large number of guests who choose to vacation. Since Madikeri has many property options, I can try different settings every time I travel.



Overview of London Stansted Airport

London Stansted Airport is one of the most important airports near London, responsible for a large amount of traffic in and out of the city. The airport is located in Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex, directly on the northeast side of central London. Therefore, the excellent geographical location of the airport makes it the ultimate choice for commuters who enter and exit the city for business purposes every day. Moreover, it also provides many low-cost services as well as some major air routes and carriers, so people from all walks of life can use the airport’s services. On the other hand, it also greatly reduces overcrowding in other airports. In addition, daily commuters are very satisfied with the overall services and facilities of the airport.

Like all other good airports, in addition to water and air-conditioning facilities, this airport also has good telecommunications services, good customs inspection counters, helpful staff and power outlets. Medical assistance is also provided. The facade of the airport is also very modern in design and has all the world-class facilities of a first-class airport. London Stansted Airport not only connects many important cities in Europe, but also connects almost every major city in the world, making it one of the fastest growing international airports.

Stansted has also established good connections with other regions through the bus, train and coach system. Trains depart from London and other areas such as Oxford, Leicester, Midlands and Stratford every 15 minutes every day, and now commuters to and from the airport are very easy to reach.

Therefore, if you are flying to London or its adjacent areas, using one of the routes to Stansted Airport will make your journey to this city easier. The airport is also undergoing many developments so that commuters can use more facilities, and in the near future, it will definitely become one of the most important airports in Europe



Modestly built hotel

A dark and windy night for a month. An elderly couple walked into a small hotel in Philadelphia. The older gentleman said, “Can you stay overnight?”

The young, friendly and smiling clerk looked at the couple and explained: “There are three meetings in town. I’m sorry, but all our rooms are occupied. It’s 1 am and the weather outside is terrible. I Can’t send a nice couple like your stay on these elements. Would you like to sleep in my room? It’s not exactly a suite, but it’s enough to make your night comfortable.”

First, the couple refused to answer:Young man, if you give us the room, where are you going to sleep? “

“Oh, I’m young and healthy. I can sleep in the reception area. I’ll be fine.”

The older couple accepted the offer of the shop assistant and “stayed overnight in his private room.”

The older (well-rested) gentleman offered rewards to the younger clerk before leaving the hotel to express his gratitude.

“Please don’t embarrass me by asking for money for my room. I did not expect any monetary compensation for my room. I just want to help you.”

The older gentleman was really moved by the sympathy of the young man and said:Nowadays, it is rare to find people who are both friendly and helpful. You are the kind of manager who should be the best hotel owner in America. Maybe one day I will build one for you. “

The young shop assistant looks at the couple and smiles. When the older couple drove away, they agreed that the helpful clerk was excellent.

The young man was promoted to the hotel manager, but still kept in touch with the couple. Two years later, he opened the mail, found a train ticket to New York, and invited himself and his guests to participate in the grand inauguration function.

The young hotel manager went to New York and was welcomed by the landlord. He was an old gentleman who had helped two years ago. The owner took him to the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street, and pointed to a beautiful new palace-style building made of red stone and 16 stories high.

“that,”The old gentleman William Waldorf Astor said, “The hotel I manage for you.”

“You must be joking,” the shocked innkeeper replied.

“I assure you that I am not.”

Former young clerk George C. Boldt accepted the offer and became the manager of Waldorf-Astoria.

Waldorf AstoriaIt is the first luxury hotel to provide electricity, private bathroom facilities and services. If you have ever had the privilege of staying at a Waldorf Astoria hotel, then you will realize that the Waldorf Astoria hotel symbolizes Elegance and elegance. It is more than just a room. This is an experience.

George Boldt is compassionate, friendly and selfless to others. His level of play exceeded the required level, and the revenue had an impact on the people he had the opportunity to help.

The gold standard of hotel customer experience:

George Boldt is committed to setting the gold standard of hospitality at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. He imparted legendary humility and grace to nearly 1,000 employees and inspired them to follow his example. Boldt established the blueprint for today’s evolving luxury hotel industry.


1) He takes leadership as an example to model and train employees to make them helpful, kind, and compassionate to create an extraordinary customer experience. “The customer is always right!”)

2) He introduced room service

3) His senior staff checks the lobby around the clock to keep the area tidy and attract guests.

4) He insisted that all guests must have flowers and a copy of the newspaper of the day in their rooms.

5) In the Waldorf Astoria restaurant, the food is delicious and impeccable.

George C. Boldt is dedicated to making Waldorf so comfortable that guests will never go elsewhere.

For more than one hundred years, the Waldorf Astoria has always symbolized elegance and elegance. He served as a manager for 23 years until his death in 1916.

He also made sure that his legacy far exceeded his time at Waldorf. George C. Bolt (George C Boldt) sympathizes with an eager student whose only obstacle is lack of funds. During his lifetime, George C. Boldt anonymously helped at least 75 young people go to college.

George C Boldt “also provides assistance to companies that are experiencing financial difficulties, and tells hotel staff that if they encounter financial problems, his door will always be open to them.”

He also donated money to “American Red Cross Cornell University”, many local hospitals, and established a library in Alexandria Bay, New York.

Anne Frank said: “No one can become poor because of charity.”

Zig Ziglar: “When you encourage others, you will be encouraged in the process because you have made promises and made a difference in one’s life. Encouragement does make a difference.”

What measures can you take to increase your company’s customer loyalty?

What will your legacy be, and who will you help?



20 things to do before traveling abroad-SKYOSKY

1. Copy travel documents

We don’t plan to lose our passports during the holidays, but it’s better to prepare some backup copies just in case: one with you and one at home. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

2. Print out a hard copy of your itinerary and confirmation

Don’t think that WiFi can always be used to call up your itinerary or travel confirmation-always carry a paper copy just in case.

I cannot tell you how many times the hotel made a mistake in my booking and tried to charge me more. It will be beneficial to you to carry the paper version with you.

I also want to put a copy of the contact information and itinerary in the suitcase in case it is lost, so the person who retrieves it will know how to contact me. You can also include this information on your luggage tag. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

3. Check travel advice/register for travel

Depending on your destination, there may be some unexpected travel suggestions that you should be aware of. If there is currently a travel consultation, sometimes your travel or health insurance may be invalid.

You can also register for travel at the embassy of your country so that they can know where you are going in an emergency. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

4. Call your bank

Before you leave, be sure to call your bank (the number on the back of your bank card) to let them know that you are going to travel. In this way, you can use your credit card to make purchases abroad. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

5. Have some emergency cash on hand

Just because you have a bank card available does not mean that they will be accepted at every business office. It is best to have some cash paid in local currency, especially for small purchases. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

Man at the airport and airplane in the sky

6. Determine the documents required to enter the country

Most countries/regions require your passport to be valid for six months or more after the return date. You may also need a visa or special documents to enter the country.

For example, I need to purchase a visa to enter Turkey at the beginning of this year. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

7. Consult your doctor or insurance provider

Before you travel, it is best to consult your doctor or insurance provider to find out if you need any prescription drugs or vaccines before you travel.

You may also need the attention of your doctor to allow you to bring certain prescription drugs to the country. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

8. Research what you can/cannot bring to the country

The last thing you need to do is to arrive at your destination and discover that some of the items you have packed are not allowed to enter. This may be seeds or certain foods. Please check in advance to avoid unnecessary interference. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

9. Check the weather forecast before leaving

I like to do this about a week ago and then a day ago to make sure I pack properly. If the house is cold but you are in a warm climate, you may not need to bring a heavy coat.

In addition, rain may pop up in the weather forecast, which means you need an umbrella. Please check in advance so you can pack. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

10. Research the customs and etiquette of the place you are going

It is always a good idea to read the local customs, culture and etiquette carefully so that you will know what you will encounter during your international travel.

Sometimes gestures in one country may have different meanings in another country. You may need to dress more conservatively than when you go home; the tipping policy may also be different-either way, you don’t want to do something stupid, which can be avoided if you research beforehand. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

11. Research activities and festivals that occurred while you were in the city

Know if any major events are happening while you are in the city. You may want to attend concerts, festivals or just in general, pay attention to what is happening in the city. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

12. Browse guide

I know that some travelers would rather not refer to travel books, but I always like to flip through them for tips, see which attractions are worth visiting, etc.

Many of these maps also contain maps of different communities in the city, so you can better understand the layout of the city. If you don’t want to invest in a guide, you can borrow it for free from your local library. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

13. Obtain an adapter/converter for your electronic device

This should be self-explanatory, but not every country has the same voltage. If you forget, you can pick up from the airport at any time, but there you have to pay more. Instead, I suggest you pick up the World Travel Adapter before traveling. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

14. Learn some key phrases in the local language

One of the best things you can do is to learn at least one keyword or phrase in the local language. Even if you don’t sound like a local, the locals will still appreciate your efforts.

I noticed that this was especially true when I was in Paris. Although I can only say a few words, I can tell them that I am happy to try to communicate with them in French before switching to English.

Also, don’t think that everyone understands English, because it is not the case. Once you get out of the main tourist attractions, fewer and fewer people speak English. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

15. Watch a video on how to use the city’s public transportation system

Most major cities are equipped with decent public transportation systems. Instead of spending high taxi fares, try to learn how to use the city’s public transportation. You can save money, and it’s much faster than taking a car.

If you do decide to rent a car, please check in advance whether you need an international driving license. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

16. Determine your cell phone plan

Whenever I leave the country, I always turn off my mobile data and switch to airplane mode. I use the city’s WiFi to make calls and send text messages using apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.

If you need data, please contact your phone provider in advance to determine a plan that suits you. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

17.Purchase tickets for the attractions to be visited before departure

Sometimes, you get a discount if you buy tickets in advance. This also allows you to skip the ticket gates and save time on vacation. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

18. Research how to reach the hotel from the airport

In order to avoid paying high taxi prices, it is best to research the best way to get to the hotel from the airport. Sometimes a taxi will provide you with a flat price, if you try to take you away, you should know in advance.

Most options include taking a shuttle bus, a private car or using the city’s public transportation.

By understanding the cost of each option and how long each option will take, you will be able to make a choice that suits your budget and needs. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

19. Research the local travel scam you will be visiting

You will most likely find a scam, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. Knowing what you are looking for is a smart idea, so you can prevent becoming a victim of a scam.

Always keep an eye on your own wisdom and personal luggage. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals

20. Take some over-the-counter medicines and toiletries with you

I understand that some people want to pack their luggage by leaving toiletries at home, thinking they can buy them at the destination.

But keep in mind that some items may be difficult to find in other countries. If you travel to Korea, it is difficult to find deodorants in Korea, so make sure to bring some deodorants with you when you travel. travels more and less? Search and compare ticket prices on more than 1,000 websites and airlines and more than 800,000 hotels Book now

See also: flights, hotels, car rentals, offers and deals



Goa hotel options-what to look for

Temples such as the Naval Aviation Museum, Goa Museum, Goa Museum, Goa-Chitra Museum, Archaeological Museum, Big Foot Museum, Gitanjali Museum, Shantadurga Temple, Mangeshi Temple, Shri Mahalasa Temple, Mahalaxmi Temple and Sinquerim Beach and other beaches, Moramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach are some of the highlights of Goa, not to mention the mouth-watering cuisine it offers. My vacation in this part of India is always unforgettable, and with so many itineraries, even if I travel with my family or friends, I can ensure that all my needs are met. Accommodation plays an important role in travel, and fortunately in Goa, the options are endless. I decided to try the hotel here on one of my trips, and the results were equally satisfactory.

If you are going to Goa for the first time and are considering staying in a hotel, you can follow my best choice rule; take the time to look at all the important aspects and you will never go wrong. Whether your holiday destination is in North Goa or South Goa, you will have many hotels to choose from.

  • When I am here, I first think about the location I want during my stay. Sometimes the beach is what I want, so I choose a hotel near the beach. When traveling, when I want to get rid of all the noise and activities, I will look for properties far away from the city center so that I can enjoy some natural and peaceful environment. If you are looking for a private and relaxing holiday, then hotels surrounded by nature are like hotels near Sinquerim Beach, Miramar Beach, Dona Paula Beach, Siridao Beach and other beaches.

  • Size is also important because it may determine the number of guests I will share the property with, so I always pay attention to this. In Goa, the number of each apartment or unit may vary from property to property, but for me, the smaller the number, the better, because it can translate into more privacy, quietness and quietness when needed. There are so many options, so any type of traveler will find their favorite size.

  • A resort hotel should be like a home away from home, so checking the facilities and services provided is really important to me. I am always looking for the most comfortable rooms and outstanding service. Some hotels here are willing to adjust according to my preferences, but you must follow some hotel rules. There are many choices of hotels in Goa, until I find what I am most satisfied with, such as Gabriel Hotel, Anjunapalms Hotel, Veronica Hotel, Palolem hotel.

  • Although safety is not a real problem in Goa, to ensure safety, I still take steps to find out the safety inside and outside the hotel. I want to make sure that it will be convenient when I need help most, and that I can relax and enjoy my stay without worrying about intruding or losing anything. No matter where the house is located in Goa, it is always helpful to find all the safety measures that the house has taken. There are more than 300 hotels in Goa, and you will be able to find a hotel that can meet your safety requirements.



Captain Lindsay House-Four Seasons Hotel

Close to the main street of Rockland, Maine, sitting proudly on Lindsey Street, is a real gem, Captain Lindsey House. We have published stories and recipes from hundreds of hotels and hostels around the world. Every time there is a common thread running through the most successful institutions. Whether it is an old fishing house on a remote island or the best hotel in Paris, it is all about the people-the people who own and run the hotel.

The House of Captain Lindsay is very special. The hotel was built by Captain George Lindsey in 1832, and it was carefully restored by its current owners, Ken and Ellen Barnes. You will be based on the names of Ken and Ellen, and the moment Ellen met you on the Cape Air flight in Rockland. They spare no effort to make their inn the most welcoming one in our history. During your stay, Ken and Ellen will pop up in the morning to make sure you feel comfortable and eat well.

This elegant yet warm Maine captain’s home is like old England. On a rainy June afternoon, the living room glowed with warm firelight. The smell of freshly picked roses and the sweet and loving things in the oven filled the room. Patricia, the innkeeper, brought you a cup of herbal tea in an English porcelain cup and a plate of homemade raisin oatmeal cookies. Before or after unpacking, you can sink from the books in their well-equipped library onto the comfortable sofa. You will feel at home.

There are many award-winning restaurants around the corner of the hotel, charming shops, art galleries, museums, golf courses, lighthouses, spas, and beautiful harbours filled with lobster boats, caravans and windshields. However, we are happy to follow the nest and enjoy the peaceful beauty of Europe’s best hospitality. We were surprised again when we entered the lovely sanctuary full of antiques and the most modern facilities (such as Egyptian cotton towels). Don’t like home at all-much better.

The next morning, we met at breakfast. After eating fresh local fruits, juices and aromatic coffee, you can swallow special eggs made by Patricia Innkeeper to bake. Breakfast comes with country ham and fresh asparagus spears. Every morning, Patricia happily offers savoury and homemade sweet dishes, such as stuffed French toast with real maple syrup, homemade rhubarb and strawberry jam.

The Captain Lindsay House is one of four historic hotels in Rockland, Maine. You can visit three other historical monuments. Everyone is unique, offering delicious food and a story. You can spend time in the kitchen with each innkeeper, taste their home-cooked dishes and learn about history.

Rockland and Lakesey House are suitable for all seasons. Although our travel writing schedule rarely requires a second visit, we know that we will return as much as possible for a weathervane cruise, or sample more factions at the annual “Pies On Parade” in January each year. We would love to say that we rediscovered the town of Rockand and all that it has to offer. However, since Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray were also in Rockland recently, we guess the word has disappeared!